Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 12, 2013
TNA Wrestling Wants To Help Save Olympic Wrestling

TNA Wrestling Wants To Help Save Olympic Wrestling

TNA sent out the following today…

Join #SaveOlympicWrestling

Nashville, Tenn. (Feb. 12, 2013) – Today the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced “25 Core Sports” for the 2020 Olympic Games dropping one of the original Olympic sports: wrestling. Wrestling will now have to fight to remain a part of the 2020 games. TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is home to 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and is dedicated to change this decision.

The IOC stated reasoning for the decision, according to the report, was an analysis of “more than three dozen criteria, including television ratings, ticket sales, anti-doping policy and global participation and popularity.” The IOC has decided to keep recreational sports such as badminton, handball and table tennis in the “25 Core Sports” category and to delete one of the oldest Olympic sports that premiered in the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896.

Kurt Angle is considered the best wrestler of all time to be in both amateur and professional wrestling and is gearing up to fight this decision and organize a battalion of like minds to save this Olympic sport.

“Wrestling is one of the most competitive sports in the world today,” stated TNA Superstar and 1996 Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. “Winning the gold for my country in one of the original Olympic sports was one of the greatest moments in my life.

“The wrestling community is in a state of shock with this decision– we can not sit back and allow this to happen. I will do whatever it takes and work with my company TNA WRESTLING and the competitive wrestling community to determine what we need to do to reverse this decision.”

“The news today from the IOC is very disheartening to all of us at TNA as well as the tens of millions around the world who either participate in amateur wrestling or enjoy watching it in its entertainment form,” stated TNA President Dixie Carter. “We need to join together right now. We encourage our own IMPACT WRESTLING community, WWE and wrestling organizations worldwide as well as competitive amateur coaches and athletes to have a unified voice to make sure wrestling will be an Olympic sport in 2020.”

TNA encourages fans to take to social media to let your voices be heard. Speak out using #SaveOlympicWrestling and @Olympics.

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8 Responses to “TNA Wrestling Wants To Help Save Olympic Wrestling”

  1. tna24 says:

    love that they want to save it, but i doubt it would work, the Olympic board it tough people to get though, since i believe there was time people try to save baseball and it didnt work

  2. MRPC says:

    Dropping Football from the Olympics would make sense but wrestling is an ancient sport that goes right back to the first ever Olympics and dropping it would make as much sense as dropping track events.

    • toddmikki says:

      ok, either you are not from the United States or you truly have no clue what the Olympics even are.

      • MRPC says:

        Ha Ha… It's the first option as I'm from the UK.

        Football (Soccer) is an Olympic sport currently and is down the pecking order of competitions compared to the World Cup, European Championships, Copa America etc… Olympic soccer is limited to players under the age of 23. A glorified youth tournament really!

        The point that I'm making is that for the likes of greco/roman wrestling etc… the Olympics would be the ultimate event to compete in and is one of the ancient sports of the original Olympics. It makes as much sense to drop this as it would to drop some track athletic event for being too niche.

  3. purpleurkel says:

    Add a tables division and I will support it

  4. andy3323 says:

    They replaced wrestling with 'tree planting' to please the tree huggers around the world.

    Or better yet, they descriminated against old ladies wanting to be in the olympics, so now they have world class knitting.

  5. Stunner says:

    WHAT handball is an Olympic sport !! Get real I bet there’s a money trail to get one in hand ball seriously! Lol!

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