Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 10, 2013
TNA’s Developmental OVW Praises WWE’s Ziggler & Barrett

TNA’s Developmental OVW Praises WWE’s Ziggler & Barrett

Ohio Valley Wrestling posted the following on their Facebook….

“Not only do we need to congratulate the Louisville Cardinals but also a huge congratulations to both Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler for their respective title victories last night! We are proud to call both these men OVW Alumni, it just goes to show OVW is the place where superstars are truly made!”

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50 Responses to “TNA’s Developmental OVW Praises WWE’s Ziggler & Barrett”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    WWE is so awful lol. 24 hour title reign for The Miz, Ziggler cashing in on RAW as opposed to Wrestlemania….GENIUS.

    • KGill28 says:

      They dropped the ball on Wrestlemania so bad. No WWE fan can criticize TNA for a while now. At least TNA didn't disappoint at their biggest ppv of the year.

      • soyfenomenal says:

        Thursday is going to smash Wrestlemania.

        • pepsilover2008 says:

          Heck raw was better than wrestlemania as sad as that is.

          • ariesstormjoe says:

            could argue was that because of a last minute rewrite? since rock was planned to appear. i assume that would have been later on in the show.

            i think barrett winning, ziggler winning were good segments. as was shield vs taker, kane bryan. rest of the show was better than mania due to the crowd. which i think will be kept for a few weeks possibly we'll see.

      • Whatever says:

        Tna disappoints at every ppv and tv taping they do. Their wrestling is a joke their acting needs a lot of work and every single week their rating only get worse. TNA is a joke of a company and a laughing stock in the wrestling world. Hopefully very soon VKM will do u slap nut tna fan boy bitches a favor and buy it and put it out of its misery. Have a nice day

        • brahbrah69 says:

          Watching Chris Jericho get jobbed out to Fandango was a dissapointment…Hearing boring chants at a wrestlemania was a dissapointment…John Cena being the champion again HUGE dissapointment

          • powerbomb says:

            RIP whatever and the WWE

          • Mutter5 says:

            Im not a wwe fan but to be honest I was glad Jericho lost… its not like he was squashed, he fought a hard fight and was caught with a quick roll up… this is VKM pushing new talent. Fandango beat Jericho 1 on 1, so who cant he beat at this point?
            I also enjoyed the match…

            Cena being champ again boring….

          • Jack_Flagrant says:

            I agree, Mutter.

            Pushing Fandango is a great move, albeit his cliche VKM gimmick, the guy can westle.

            I also agree that Cena, and his 2 moves, are boring. Diggler cashing in against Cena would have been epic at Wrestlemania; mainly because of the Money in the Bank history, as well as the entertainment factor and wrestling ability of Ziggler.

        • Tiffanydude says:

          There's a difference between us TNA Fans and you WWE Fan boy marks, we speak the truth about WWE AND TNA, Vince buying TNA? That's literally the worst idea ever, Wrestling companies depend on each other,thrive of each other, Competition sir that's how WWE and TNA get higher ratings, if WWE has no competition then WWE will fall and soon wresting will fade to black and no one will appreciate wrestling like they did back in the past or right now. By the way TNA's ratings are in the 1.0-1.3 range, WWE fell from 5.0 to 3.0 care to rebuttal?

          • Whatever says:

            U are being very modest in ranging tna’s rating to a 1.3 when was the last time they even got a 1.3. Tna fans are so delusional about thinking they are going to achieve higher ratings than maybe a 1.2. Once every 10 years they will get 1.3. Wwe ratings have dropped cause fans like me of the past are not interested in pg wrestling. But that doesn’t mean the past fans are going to tune into tna to watch something just as boring. I would prefer to watch anything other than wrestling that is far more entertaining until the business changes back to the good ole days, until then wrestling is DEAD. R.I.P.

          • Tiffanydude says:

            You watch wrestling, yet you don't? What? You want Vice to buy out & destroy TNA even though you don't watch wrestling? Then why the fug are you in a wrestling website commenting and complaining when you said you don't watch WWE or TNA anymore? Are you really that bored?
            "Wwe ratings have dropped cause fans like me of the past are not interested in pg wrestling." & " TNA is a joke of a company and a laughing stock in the wrestling world. Hopefully very soon VKM will do u slap nut tna fan boy *****es a favor and buy it and put it out of its misery." Makes perfect sense, Am I right guys!?

          • Jack_Flagrant says:

            Tiff – Why do you bother replying to such ignorance?

            Honestly, there are flaws with both TNA and WWE. Unfortunately for TNA, they do not have the support to afford detrimental mistakes like the WWE can. (i.e. giving the title to The Rock for a hot minute just to suit the marks).

            I must confess that I enjoy watching both (I do favor TNA since it reminds me of the old ECW and WCW days), but recognize each objectively and from an intelligent perspective. Most likely, you will not find that here.

        • OldManEaston says:

          I think you have TNA and WWE confused. You are living in the past. TNA right now is every way a superior product to WWE. WWE has better ratings and attendance, but, there is no accounting for taste. It is like a rehash of 2004-2006, before TNA got sidetracked. TNA has the vastly superior product, and little tiny bit of a buzz to it and WWE is completely stale and boring. They are just completely coasting along.

          The only thing that WWE is head and shoulders above TNA (and it is a big one) is in marketing. WWE knows how to market to it's bright color loving, preteen fan base and TNA has yet to really learn how to accomplish a really effective maximize it's potential.

          • Jack_Flagrant says:

            ""The only thing that WWE is head and shoulders above TNA (and it is a big one) is in marketing. WWE knows how to market to it's bright color loving, preteen fan base and TNA has yet to really learn how to accomplish a really effective maximize it's potential""

            Well said!

        • soyfenomenal says:

          You are an awful troll. Just thought I'd put that out there.

  2. Stunner says:

    I’ve jump ship to TNA and I’m glad I did a friend of mine told me that the Tripple H /Brock match made no sense and was a waste. WOW!!! That’s all I could say!

  3. mfg420 says:

    Whatever you a dick rider n your riding HARD on Vince nuts dude no one cares about what u think is cool kid sorry guy..

  4. annil8or4321 says:

    i dont think barrett has the mic skills yet, ziggler every match ive seen him in he really goes for W, he is a tremendous talent

  5. Cam says:

    Hold up, let’s get one thing straight. 99% of the marks on this website are TNA fan boys and no… You don’t speak the truth about TNA or WWE. You say everything WWE does is shit and everything TNA does is golden. Yes, WM29 wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either and still better then most TNA shows this year, Raw blew every Smackdown, every Raw out of the water of the last 10years and blew every TNA impact, ppv and weekly ppv out the water. And this is coming from the biggest TNA mark from 02-06. Second Fandango didn’t burry Jericho, y’all need to look up the term. He put a younger talent over maybe something Hogan and Sting need to learn. And the final, Ziggler winning the title at Mania would havnt been as special because after punk/taker it would have been an after thought. WWE is smart when doing stuff like that it’s call little details somethin someone in TNA doesn’t get

    • Jack_Flagrant says:

      The only thing that made sense out of this long-winded paragraph is your comment about Jericho putting over Fandango; it was a smart move.

      Wrestlemania was par, not great, but very average. If you take away the fancy bells and whistles, the product was nothing to write home about. Ziggler should have cashed in against Cena at Wrestlemania just to add to Cena's frustration. A nice storyline of him disappearing for a while (with a potential heel turn) only to vent his anger on younger talent until he gets his next shot would have been okay in my book. Otherwise, Cena is boring.

      • OldManEaston says:

        I agree, it was a major letdown. I hate the fact that it has become all to frequent for wrestling companies to make you pay X amount of dollars, expecting some payoff, only to have them either wipe out that payoff the next night, or fail to deliver much of anything at all. It is a big problem now days and it is frustrating, especially if you actually do the honorable and legal thing, and pay money for them to support the company. As far as Cena. Nothing good is every going to come from him. They are so stuck on using him in this bastardized Johny Cena the Marine, whatever the hell he is cliche, that they will never change at this point.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        ziggler cashing in at wrestlemaina would have been a huge mistake. 1st off..everyone would have expected it 2nd the crowd was so dead by the end of the "main event" it would have been for not. In vinces mind there where 4 WM moments…Ziggler would have gotten doing it on Raw..with that crowd…made it a moment for Ziggler that he didn't have to share with anyone

  6. Treck says:

    Dolph Ziggler sucks! He is so 80s looking

  7. Phenomenal99 says:

    I think you should just leave and go and play with yourself all your comments are ridiculous, people come on here to talk about TNA all your comments have received negative votes so do all of us a favour and just leave most people will agree with me

    • Whatever says:

      I could give a rats ass about what u think and just cause u wrote something as stupid as u are now I’m just going to keep leaving comments and maybe just for the fun of it every comment I leave I think I will add ur name with it dumbass. U can’t make me go away cause I’m here to stay

      • pepsilover2008 says:

        I'm gonna use your own logic from your reply to mfg420 "If u don't care what I think then why'd u respond". You somewhere deep down care, because quite frankly it's probably the only attention you and your 10 year old vocab full of swearing gets.

        • Whatever says:

          I don’t care what u mark ass bitches think I just like to get under ur skin and irrirate u and make u say stupid s*it and by the looks of it I’m doing a really fine job. Have a nice day

          • Tiffanydude says:

            annoying yes, saying stupid things? Not so much

          • pepsilover2008 says:

            So what your basicly saying is you have nothing better to do than try and make other upset while making yourself look like an idiot and give a lot of us a good laugh at your expense.

    • Tiffanydude says:

      He/She/It is probably bored, use fire (logic) that's a trolls worst enemy b/c they can't regenerate health (stupid comebacks)

  8. joe says:

    Tna is good.. wwe is not so much anymore.. However they do seem to have more matches on their shows these days which is good.. wrestling is a tad boring but it’s a step I guess.. imo dolphins has been overdue and should have cashed in at mania.. but I’m much more concerned excited about petey Williams and San in returning in Tna!!! Come on x division!! Whatever: give it a rest, iv just read this thread and it’s quite sad

  9. THISISASHOOT247 says:

    honestly, tna has been better than wwe as of late. I dont even watch Smackdown anymore. Wrestlemania was pretty much a bust, as EVERY SINGLE match except for Henry & Ryback was predictable. And not only that, but TNA's X-travaganza was wayyy better than Mania

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