Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 1, 2013
TNA’s Hardcore Justice Debuting This Friday

TNA’s Hardcore Justice Debuting This Friday

As a reminder, TNA’s latest One Night Only PPV, Hardcore Justice, will debut on Friday. Below is the card for the event, which taped on March 19th:

* ODB vs. Jackie Moore
* LAX vs. The New Church
* Ladder Match: Bad Influence vs. Generation Me
* Hardcore Gauntlet: Devon Storm vs. Little Guido vs. Crimson vs. Shark Boy vs. Sam Shaw vs. Funaki vs. Johnny Swinger vs. Gunner vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
* Elimination Tag Match: James Storm, Magnus & Bob Holly vs. D.O.C., Knux & Wes Brisco
* Monster’s Ball: Joseph Park vs. Judas Mesias
* Tag Tables Match: Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt vs. Team 3D

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