Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 29, 2014
TNA’s Head Creative Writer Set For Twitter Q&A + More

TNA’s Head Creative Writer Set For Twitter Q&A + More

— TNA has announced on their official website that there will be a live Q&A through social media with Executive Vice President John “Big” Gaburick. The Q&A happens next Thursday before Impact Wrestling at 8 PM ET. You can ask a question using the hashtag #askbig following @JohnGaburick or on TNA’s Facebook page.

— Tonight is Northeast Wrestling’s WrestleFest 18 event, which takes place in Waterbury, Connecticut at Crosby High School. Here is the card for the show…

* A.J. Styles vs. Matt Hardy
* Jerry Lawler vs. Matt Taven
* Velvet Sky vs. Reby Sky
* Vader vs. Jimmy Preston
* Caleb Konley vs. Mike Bennett
* Bull Dredd vs. Brian Anthony vs. Lukas Sharp vs. Mikey Webb
* Ron Zombie and Kurt Adonis vs. J Busta and Stevie Stamos

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7 Responses to “TNA’s Head Creative Writer Set For Twitter Q&A + More”

  1. TheMiwyun says:

    nothing to ask the guy. tna on the way up man

  2. tna4life says:

    I have several question when are we going to see more of the X-Division. I think the high flyers help set TNA apart from the other company. Also when an if the TNA TV title will ever be defended again, I feel the TV Title could really help boost mid card wrestlers. Will TNA bring back the MCMG tag team or bring back LAX those were in my mind two really good tag teams. When will DJ Zema Ion actually wrestle in a x-Divison match. I like that he’s a DJ for the Bro. Mans however if he’s going to be in the bro mans he should be able to branch out and extend the group to give it some wrestling appeal. Rumor going around about TNA maybe bringing in the NATCHs Daughter into the KOs division? Confirm or deny? Is Bobby Lesley going to be full time on the roster or part time on the roster? Is TNA still thinking about cross promoting with the MMA? Speaking of MMA what’s the deal with T.Ortiz and Rampage in TNA? Or did they just take the cash and run? These are just a few I can think off, I’m sure there are more.

    • Peckar says:

      Tito is injured. Rampage and Mo will fight in the final of the Light Heavy weight tournament for a shot at Emanuel Newton. Lashley will be part-time and I think you will find he will see it as a stepping stone to try and get into Bellator. With the seemingly endless push of MVP and Gunner, I see little time for X-Division stars in the current product and the tag team division has been an after thought for a good couple of years now. The first sentence is fact ;).

  3. fritiz1 says:

    Hopefully people are nicer than when Dixie took questions of twitter awhile ago.

  4. Peckar says:

    I would have a couple, but I won't get up at 3am to ask them. Why no managers? Why does Gunner continue to get pushed to the moon when he obviously isn't going to get over? (Using family members and playing on his military background would be the last chance, no?). Willow looks to be a great new gimmick for Hardy, his idea? EY never looks as good when he plays a serious role, when will yous finally learn he is gold as a comedy gimmick? How long is this Anderson/Shaw feud going to go? Anderson has done well with all the rubbish you guys write for him but this one has indeed ran its course. Is Aries truley the greatest wrestler that ever lived? Nevermind, I know the answer to that one.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      No managers cause they cost money. Gunner gets pushed cause he works cheap and looks great. Willow, obviously Hardys idea since 1997. EY doesn't want to be a comedy guy, wants to be a main eventer. Anderson / Shaw feud is probably going to Sacrifice. Aries isn't TGMTEL it's just lie to get heat.

      • Peckar says:

        Didn't have managers even when they did have money. Gunner can put on a decent match, if that is your criteria of being great, then ok. I said greatest wrestler, it wasn't a typo.

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