Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 7, 2013
TNA’s Plans For A Military Event?, iMPACT! Zone Update

TNA’s Plans For A Military Event?, iMPACT! Zone Update

— TNA was talking about running an event from a military base on February 28th, similar to Tribute to the Troops event, but those plans fell through.

— TNA is terminating its lease with Universal for the Impact Zone at the end of March. This is why they have announced that they are running three more days of tapings for the pre-taped PPV series on March 17th, 23rd and 24th.

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13 Responses to “TNA’s Plans For A Military Event?, iMPACT! Zone Update”

  1. DigestivBiscuit says:

    Or they should just find one big venue lets say something about 3 to 7 thousands seat arena to start airing IMPACT for about five years but taking they PPVs on the road

    • tna24 says:

      like when wcw made there home in Atlanta. or like when ecw in philly. not a great place,but a decent size place. well tna did have a home, it just wasnt the right home. the impact zone, really didnt have the real fell of a wrestling show. it look like you were in a studio

      • DigestivBiscuit says:

        Yes they did, but still they can find another home with decent size instead of putting Impact on the road, that will save them quite money and the only thing that need to be on the road is the PPVs

      • Dante_Cross says:

        Agreed. It was in great contrast to the TNA Asylum in Nashville, where it was I believe, a larger venue and the fans were always excited for the show.

  2. vantheman77 says:

    I've said the same thing that TNA should have waited until after March 14, along with several on-the-road Impacts to see if it succeeds or not. Now they have no safety net since they will stop leasing with Universal Studios Orlando next month. I was hoping they'd use the Impact Zone for a second show or let OVW use it.

    • Dante_Cross says:

      OVW already has a base of operations in Kentucky. Considering the owner of OVW spent his own money to make the entire facility, not just buy it or lease it, it wouldn't make sense for them to move. The production quality coming out of there is actually pretty good for an indy company, though that can be due to them managing the money they garnered from the years they were WWE's farm territory, which means OVW is in good hands.

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    So wwe has did tribute to the troops for years, and tna was going to do there version of what wwe does or has done. I wonder how it would have turned out for tna if they did do it

  4. Treck says:

    I would of toured the south for a long period of time. Promote like crazy because the south can be awakened to once again be an area where the fans are very dedicated. Then go to the midwest and do the same. I would also affiliate with a british wrestling company in the UK. And make a partnership in Japan like Iwgp. Maybe have a title that can only be defended out of TNA as well.

  5. Matthew says:

    Talk about ripping other promotions off

    • toddmikki says:

      you are scum! its called giving a little to people who have given so much! theyve already done tributes to troops, things like this and holiday events should never be considered ripping!

  6. Dante_Cross says:

    As someone in the military myself, I have this pang in me on this subject, as it seems like they are trying to exploit the military through this. WWE does it as well, but JBL actually was genuinely interested in the idea to give the troops entertainment in the onset of the then just beginning war in the middle east, while showing a different side of WWE when he brought up the idea, so in that case, it wasn't just about making WWE look good.

    But in TNA's case, they see it first as a way to market themselves differently, and I am sure that the military saw that as well. They already have a long standing relationship with WWE, so why would they add to the mix, the competition, when WWE has been with them for over a decade and are world recognized.

    In my personal opinion, it just seems like a way for TNA to say, "We're giving our contribution to the troops as well". But it's not the same thing as WWE, it's more business driven than what WWE originally did. There is no need for them to do it now if he wasn't for business, as the war is dying down. Sorry for going in circles, but though I'd love for TNA to work with the military, I just don't want them to think of the military as a publicity thing rather than out of their own genuine interest.

  7. Peckar says:

    I think you's are missing the point of doing this. It is to see how there stories/wrestlers are getting over. You can't do that staying in one place.

  8. revrock20 says:

    Dante. first, thank you for your service. making a judgement call on TNA's motives is wrong. you make it sound like they have no patriotism at all. wwe has been around longer. they've done alot of things first. it doesn't mean another wrestling company can't show some love to the troops. And yes both promotions get something out of it.They both stand to look good in the public eye. WWE does many great charitable things. Vince has also done some very bad things . if we through away the good people or companies do because of some bad they do all good would be gone.

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