Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 1, 2012
TNA’s ‘Unfinished Business’ PPV Update + TNA DVR Viewers

TNA’s ‘Unfinished Business’ PPV Update + TNA DVR Viewers


– TNA’s next ‘Unfinished Business’ PPV will feature the feud between Sting and Bobby Roode. “TNA Unfinished Business: Sting vs. Roode” premieres Saturday, November 3rd.

– The September 13th & 20th TNA iMPACT! episodes each added about 110,000 viewers through DVR views.

* The September 13th increase was nine percent from the live & same-day audience of 1.22 million viewers.

* The September 20th increase was eight percent from the original audience of 1.34 million viewers.

* TNA traditionally adds 100,000-150,000 viewers through DVR views.

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