Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 10, 2013
Todd Keneley’s New Job Revealed – Details

Todd Keneley’s New Job Revealed – Details

Todd Keneley, who was let go by TNA last week as a cost-cutting measure, returned to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood for Sunday night’s TV taping.

Keneley received a large babyface reaction from the crowd.

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7 Responses to “Todd Keneley’s New Job Revealed – Details”

  1. NotCookz says:

    He seems to be a very nice guy, best of luck to him.

  2. nicholal79 says:

    TNA shouldn't have released him! He is better than Tazz and is easier to follow than Taney!

  3. mrthefanboy says:

    Glad to see he found work after TNA wish TNA hadn't fired him he was a pretty good commentator.

  4. A_Double says:

    Body Bag!

  5. Stunner says:

    I really can’t say anything bad about him however I did like the three man announce team. With three announcers it gave the distinct heel announcer and face announcer time to set up each other as well as set up the action in the ring from each perspective .

  6. andy3323 says:

    I liked him, but three announcers aren't needed. You aren't getting rid of Tenay, obviously and Taz is involved with the A&8s storyline. If Taz could wrestle, then you could have him leave the announcers table, but unfortunately that isn't an option.

  7. JChambers609 says:

    I thought he was a fresh of breath air for the Commentary team, shame they let him go.

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