Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 18, 2014
Top TNA Talents Not Used At The iMPACT! Tapings

Top TNA Talents Not Used At The iMPACT! Tapings

As previously reported, Bad Influence, Austin Aries and Chris Sabin were not at the TNA iMPACT! tapings last weekend because TNA didn’t book them.

They were among several members of the roster not included.

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5 Responses to “Top TNA Talents Not Used At The iMPACT! Tapings”

  1. Beezy_Does_It says:

    Not booking top talent is not going to improve the ratings or the product. Even if the reason they did this is to promote new talent.

    • godoftna says:

      Exactly. And correct me if I'm wrong, but the best way to introduce new talents is by having them compete with your top talents. Doesn't get any better in TNA than Aries.

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      The product was awesome last thursday and the rating went up this week so clearly something clicked with the audience. In fact the lowest rating came from jeff hardy.

      • aandrepark83 says:

        First of all..Austin Aries is one of TNA top talent..if you guys noticed..the majority of TNA’s top talents were on the impact tapings.. Bad influence is not TNA’s top stars and their contracts are almost up..Sabin is technically one of their top stars but he just came from a fued with velvet can’t just book somebody on the show at random, especially the new direction TNA is going. TNA NEEDS to showcase new talent.

  2. Goeroe1981 says:

    This is (except Austin Aries) not the top talent of TNA. And what choice does TNA have? They need to renew their roster little by little. They lost so many people, time to renew is upon TNA. Some things will be worse others better. I like what they're doing with Gunner and Sam Shaw. Their speeding up their persona creating this way. But some things are bad for the bussiness like losing AJ. But they have no choce. I said it before a wrestling company should be run by someone who knows his way around wrestling and knows what the fans want. Also it should be someone's core bussiness. To the Carters it is not their core bussiness so a company like WWE, for who it is the core bussiness, should always be leading because they take risks when they have to and TNA plays it safe. And that is the big difference..

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