Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 27, 2013
Triple H Recalls How He Joined WCW, Eric Bischoff Talks

Triple H Recalls How He Joined WCW, Eric Bischoff Talks

The official YouTube account of WWE has released a preview of the newly released Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come DVD and Blu-ray where Triple H recalls the nature of his arrival to World Championship Wrestling in 1994 as well as his contract negotiations with organization head Eric Bischoff.

Following a tryout match against Keith Cole that was suitable enough to be broadcast on the February 12, 1994 episode of WCW Saturday Night on TBS, Bischoff offered the then-24-year-old a two-year guaranteed contract. The WWE Chief Operating Officer explains why he asked for a shorter deal.

“This is one of these things that this conversation to me in my mind, I still, part of me believes like I can’t believe I had the balls to do any of this,” said Triple H.

“So [Bischoff] says, “I’d like to offer you a two-year deal, 52-grand-a-year.” Triple H replied, “Can I just do a year? And he said, “I’m offering you two years guaranteed, you want one?” He explains, “Yeah, here’s the thing. I said, “it’s 52-grand. Right? So I’m going to starve for a year. At the end of a year, you’re going to know I’m not worth 52-grand, or I’m worth a whole lot more than 52-grand. It ain’t going to take more than a year to figure that out, right? Let’s do a year.”

The New Hampshire native’s WCW tenure concluded after one year, as he left for the World Wrestling Federation after having his request to promoted as a singles competitor denied by organization heads. They had originally planned to pair him in a tag team with William Regal, and have future WWE Hall of Famer Sherri Martel as their manager.

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6 Responses to “Triple H Recalls How He Joined WCW, Eric Bischoff Talks”

  1. MagnumNikitaTNA says:

    I am glad $52,000 in 1994 is considered starving back then to Triple H…

    People are begging for that right now…..especially many in TNA…

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I also think at the time, they didn't pay for travel expenses. Taxes at the time he could expect about 35% to go towards taxes, then about 60% towards travel and hotel expenses. He was probably lucky to come out with 5% of that towards food or anything else he wanted which is only 2,600, that's about 216$ a month for whatever.

      • OldManEaston says:

        People seem to never take into consideration the insane cost of of traveling on the road over half of the year (even in 1994) when discussing young wrestlers not making big bucks. I did my fair share of travel in the 1990's and even if you got a cheap dive motel, we are talking at least 20-30 bucks a ***ht (more in any city) unless it was a transient hotel where you were likely to get robbed by a crack head.

        Then there is transportation. If you fly and then rent a car, good luck having any of your paycheck left if the company doesn't provide compensation. If you drive yourself, you are looking at $1.15 per gallon and at least a tank of gas a day. Not to mention you can expect to have to replace your car at minimum every 4 years or so. Then there is food. Unless you want to eat pork and beans and tuna every day like Bruiser Brody, even your cheap blue-plate special was going to run you around 4-5 bucks. Then there is wrestling gear to purchase, ER visits if you have to go, gym fees, an apartment if you want somewhere to live on your days off, health insurance if you can afford it etc etc etc. There is a reason they used to call jobbers ham-n-eggers and not because it sounds catchy. All that is just for a single guy. If you were a young guy trying to support a family, you would have probably been better off working at Walmart. It would have been more stable employment anyway, less chance of catastrophic injury and you would see your family.

        50,000 dollars seems like a lot, if you ignore the details.

        • jflegler says:

          I wrestled in the late 90's and early 00's.

          I carpooled with 3 other 250 pounders (torture), shared hotel rooms, ate White Castle, and drank tap water; sometimes groupies provided the alcohol. I made about $30 a n1ght, $35 if I bladed.

          That's starving.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        yup..someone gets it. 52k a year is good money..if its just for living expenses. But normal people making that much don't have to pay for travel, hotel, resturants every night…

  2. Real Deal Heel says:

    52K for Triple H 19 years ago…hmm..he's fucking lucky he married that ugly skank of a daughter from Vince…cuz I watched EVERY RAW and WCW taping from the late 90's to early 2000's..and HHH NEVER showed any skills on the mic or wrestling that made any girls I was with or buddies want to watch him. I was with a young crowd but no one cared about him or was awed…I remember NWO..Goldberg….the Rock..Stone Cold..and much one that I can remember that cared about wrestling EVER cared about HHH or liked him…he got lucky with the money with Stephanie. Pretty sad cuz he roided out hardcore and got all the spots in WWE but really was just a prick ass tool and no one EVER cared bout him….then again from what the dirtsheets say he NEVER cared about anyone else. Fuck that guy.

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