Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 2, 2013
Universal Studios Addresses iMPACT! Going On The Road

Universal Studios Addresses iMPACT! Going On The Road

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

A representative for Universal Studios Orlando says the theme park would like to still continue working with TNA after the company takes iMPACT! on the road permanently starting in March.

Universal spokesman Tom Schroder said, “We are grateful for the partnership we’ve had with TNA. We look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.”

The final regular iMPACT! TV tapings in the Impact Zone are set for February 28 and March 7 before the Lockdown PPV on March 10. TNA has not yet stated where they will tape their new themed PPV specials which will be released on-demand. TNA’s new model will be four live Sunday night PPV’s a year, which will still be on the road.

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17 Responses to “Universal Studios Addresses iMPACT! Going On The Road”

  1. HolsG says:

    Glad orlando are going to keep room for them if this doesn't work out. No reason it shouldn't providing people are willing to pay although the US house shows don't seem to do too well but i guess it's just breaking even

    • tna24 says:

      it a good thing since i believe imapct zone shows were free. this give more money to tna pockets. plus it being so small made tna look blah. plus if tna goes to the right markets. they can for sure get good crowds. even if they have to give away some tickets for free. i bet house shows dont draw, because it not the same effect a real show gives.

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Many in the past working for TNA have said house shows don't get much of anything. The house show tickets from what I recall were pay to watch, while iMPACT tapings were for the most part free. The reason iMPACT was free was simply because they needed to fill those seats… It'd look awful if they aired a show where half the seats were empty.

        Hopefully they can manage to sell tickets at a large arena like they did in the UK, but who knows. The problem with them being at universal studios is they weren't getting enough people to buy tickets. Especially since it's at universal studios, and most people who go there aren't looking for where iMPACT is being taped, it's a theme park… If you've ever been to where iMPACT is taped you'd realize how the location the building is in is terrible, most people don't even realize it's there.

        • HolsG says:

          Tickets for impact were free as olando wouldn't allow them to charge for the seats. Hopefully this will draw bigger crowds, TNA have figures so should know if they will make a profit.

          This will give them more publicity too with advertising the venues.

      • purpleurkel says:

        free to get in Impact zone but $15 to get into Universal,,, so not really free unless you were already planning to be there

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      They didn't do to well at Universal because the building which iMPACT is taped is in an awful location, it's hard to even find unless you ask someone working there how to find it. It was for the most part hidden off, and because Universal Studios is so large it's very difficult to find.

      It's great that they're moving onto bigger arenas where fans can easily find them. The only question is that, will they sell enough tickets to offset wrestler's pay, travel costs, and hotel expenses?

  2. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    When will we in the UK see those mini-PPV things?

  3. soyfenomenal says:

    No Destination X = Fuck you TNA. Way to scrap a decent idea before being able to use it again.

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      You do realize they are doing the xdivision ppv special, not only will they have x-division of the current roster, but also the past roster.

      • soyfenomenal says:

        I don't care about who they manage to bring back for one night. I care about "Option C." It was to be used EVERY YEAR at DESTINATION X. Now there is no Destination X.

        • tna24 says:

          cry me a river, who says they wont still do that

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          Um that whole cashing in the x-div title for a chance at the HW title was a one time thing to put the title on Aries because he was drawing so huge. It probably won't be done again. They need to move onto new ideas instead of recycling old ideas. TNA needs to be LESS like WWE by creating new original ideas, rather than recycling the same stuff year after year. Some match types are worth repeating a few times, but when it's done over and over again it gets dull.

  4. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    I think he meant the idea of cashing in the X-div title for the WH title shot that Aries started last year.

  5. JordanDanger says:

    Just to clarify for people getting super angry, the four pay per views are ‘genesis, lockdown, destination X and BFG’

    They never claimed to remove destination X

  6. David says:

    Think you’ll find it’s Genesis, Lockdown, SLAMMIVERSARY and Bound For Glory being retained for PPV.

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