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Update: Bubba The Love Sponge Lashes Out At Hulk Hogan

Update: Bubba The Love Sponge Lashes Out At Hulk Hogan

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TAMPA — Bubba the Love Sponge Clem used his show Tuesday to go on the attack against Hulk Hogan, who filed a lawsuit against the radio personality over a 2006 sex video.

Clem, on WHPT (102.5 FM), spent the morning torching the bridge with his longtime friend and said Hogan was aware he was being recorded having sex with Clem’s wife.

Clem also said he has not seen the controversial video and wasn’t responsible for it being leaked, although he said the sexual arrangement with the three was “consensual.”

Clem didn’t dismiss the possibility that Hogan may have been involved in the video being leaked, although Hogan has denied that.

On Monday, Hogan and his attorneys announced they were suing Clem, his now-former wife Heather Clem and the owners of, a website that posted the video.

In the civil lawsuit filed in Pinellas County, Hogan claimed he did not know he was being filmed during the consensual encounter with Heather Clem and blamed the Clems for an “egregious invasion of privacy.”

“Now that you’ve filed a lawsuit, it’s over,” Clem told listeners, referring to his relationship with Hogan, who was best man at Clem’s wedding and a godfather to his child.

Heather Clem is said to be distraught over the video’s release, and the shock jock said he was “disgusted” at what Hogan has done to her by filing the lawsuit. The Clems divorced in 2011.

“I’m going to fight back for my family,” Clem said, adding the suit was Hogan’s attempt to get “me and my ex-wife to cover” his backside.

“This goes right along the lines of his M.O. – ‘I will not take responsibility for what I’ve done,’ ” Clem said of Hogan. “It’s all denial – ‘It’s not my fault. I’ve been coddled and glad-handed all my life because I’m Hulk Hogan.’ Really?”

Clem told listeners that documents delivered Monday by Hogan’s attorneys told him not to discuss the case on the air. Clem scoffed at that suggestion and added he planned to do interviews, including “The Howard Stern Show,” where Hogan discussed the video last week.

“We will be one the first to stand up to Hulk Hogan,” he said. “You can’t treat me like the average groupie.”

Clem also ripped Hogan for regularly calling the show in the past to air dirty laundry related to his divorce and a car crash involving his son.

“It’s a redemption to all the listeners that had to listen to all his self-serving infomercials,” Clem said of the lawsuit. “He used our show as a poison pen mechanism for over 15 years.”

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Radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge Clem took time to bash his former friend Hulk Hogan, a day after the former wrestler announced he had filed two law suits over a secretly filmed sex tape.

During the radio show, Bubba made it very clear that his longtime friendship with Hogan was over, even going so far as to accuse Hulk of releasing the sex tape himself!

Clem said of his relationship with the wrestler, who was his best man at his wedding and a godfather to his child, “Now that you’ve filed a lawsuit, it’s over.”

Bubba said the lawsuit was an attempt to “get me and my ex-wife (Heather Clem) to cover his backside”.

The radio host said, “I’m going to fight back for my family. This goes right along the lines of his M.O. – ‘I will not take responsibility for what I’ve done. It’s all denial – ‘It’s not my fault. I’ve been coddled and glad-handed all my life because I’m Hulk Hogan.’ Really?”

At one point in the show, Bubba called Hulk a “self-centered” man who has delusionally convinced himself that Nick was innocent in that 2007 car crash, Brooke actually has talent and that Linda is “whore.”

Bubba the Love Sponge didn’t actually deny his part in the sex tape but stated, “I’m gonna be honest with you, I have not seen the tape … including me supposedly bragging and being a horse’s ass.”

Clem adds, “At the end of the day, I can’t even comment on the validity … [Hulk] could have had something to do with the leak of it,”

Bubba also spoke about Hulk Hogan having sex with his former wife, reminding Hogan, “Nobody put a gun to your head.”

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5 Responses to “Update: Bubba The Love Sponge Lashes Out At Hulk Hogan”

  1. Herr_Odditus says:

    What kind of a man allows another man to sleep with his wife? Someone who allows that isn't even a man at all IMHO. No wonder Heather left him. She wanted a real man, and she got that with the Hulkster. He's probably jealous of Hulk and that's why he is trash talking him and leaked this video.

    • rawuncutnxrated says:

      To answer your question.. one of two types. Either a man who is pimpin' & panderin' or.. and this is more likely in this case, a cuckold.

      To wit, Bubba was the b*tch in his marriage as his wifey would be the one able to go screw who she wanted. So he's not a real man, and he probably takes it in his fat rump.

  2. Smutking says:

    Im not homophobic at all, but that situation seems a bit gay to me. Was Bubba standing in the corner waiting for his wife to tag him in? I dont know why they think anyone would pay/want to see a Hogan porn tape. Its not like he is Paris Hilton or Pam Anderson.

  3. toddmikki says:

    and when Bubba said Hulk would call his show for cheap infomercial, i garuntee you Bubba begged Hulk to call his show every time to give his show credability and listeners. Bubba the love sponge is a joke!!

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