Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 5, 2013
Update: Ex-TNA Knockout Gets WWE Tryout Today

Update: Ex-TNA Knockout Gets WWE Tryout Today

We can now confirm that former TNA Knockout Rosita (Thea Trindad) is backstage at tonight’s RAW in Buffalo, New York and received a try-out today with WWE.

Rosita left TNA a few weeks ago when her contract expired and they opted not to re-sign her.

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16 Responses to “Update: Ex-TNA Knockout Gets WWE Tryout Today”

  1. jbcissom says:

    Congrats… if you make it, you won't stay long…. see Gail Kim, A. Kong, Beth Phoenix… and so on.

    I can understand guys wanting to go to WWE, but I just don't get why the women want to go… other than the pay… which it seems like most of the women can only "whore" themselves out for so long… and good for them for that.

    • Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

      It's not like she left for WWE, she was released by TNA. You seriously can't blame her on this one. I wish her all the success she can attain.

    • Whatever says:

      First off Gail Kim’s first run lasted a long time, then got burnt out on the travel schedule then went to tna was getting paid in rice and realized she can’t just live on that and went back for another big paycheck. It didn’t work out the way she hoped the second time and decided tna is better than nothing.

      Kong (Kharma) only left cause she got pregnant and couldn’t wrestle. Ur mommy and daddy will explain all that to u a little later about what u can’t do when someone is expecting. Oh and believe she will return to the wwe one day.

      Beth was also there a long time and just like people do she got burnt out with the traveling and needed to take a break and I’m sure she will also return one day. It’s I’d just another comment by a tna fan boy trying to help make the company look bad. But I would bet anything if the wwe offered u a large paycheck to work for them u and every other tna fan boy on this site would take the job

      • jbcissom says:

        First off, Gail Kim was released by WWE her first time. She was the top paid Knockout for TNA before TNA had the Knockout's Division. In wrestling, generally, the women make nowhere near what men do.

        Second, Kharma was let go due to mental stability, or lack thereof in her case, which no one can really blame the woman. Will she be back, probably so… but only as the freak show-type that wrestlers Santino Marella.

        Third, Beth Phoenix tweeted how she was so excited for both Kim and Kong to come to WWE, hoping for a good program with both women… and was denied. People take breaks when they get burnt out. They leave when they're fed up with the direction their career is taking.

        And last, I'm a grown man with two children myself. So go talk to your mommy and daddy and ask them what it felt like conceiving you, because I know the feeling… you little piss ant!

    • jbcissom says:

      Apparently neither one of you get the gist of my post.

      1) I started off by congratulating her.
      2) I listed the 3 of the 5 women who actually "wrestled" for WWE in the past 5 years on a full-time basis, and two of them were set for inter-gender programs.
      3) It's no mystery that WWE pays the best. What is baffling is how WWE does so little to show their women. Some of which are not only attractive, but can actually wrestle (Kim and Phoenix… and Kong her type floats your boat). Also, when was the last time WWE ran a credible angle with it's women wrestlers… seriously?

      • Bigmike885 says:

        you want to know why the dont run a crediable angle with women?..because they dont normally draw, and before you go on the TNA fanboy rant "the knockouts used to be the highest rated segment on impact" line..when that was the case, most of TNA was crap (sure the wrestling was good, but the angles sucked). Once and a while a womens angle will draw, but they have to be SUPER over (lita, trish, Chyna)…and still..nobody is buying tickets to just see them.

  2. powerbomb says:

    i wish the best for her TNA was stupid to let her go

  3. 1Risky1 says:

    I think they only made the mistake of letting Sarita go

  4. VikingBlood1300 says:

    Enoy being in WWE for the short time you will be there. See WWE hates seeing Women who can actually wrestle. Thea welcome… Now good luck in your future endevours or whatever wwe says

  5. Listentna says:

    Bring back daffney and kong

  6. JoeWrestling says:

    They will probably regret it if they hire Rosita, she's not that good. I don't think they will, but don't care either way.

  7. hangers says:

    Hope she gets a contract..

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