Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 5, 2013
Update: How TNA Is Taping iMPACT! LIVE On The Road

Update: How TNA Is Taping iMPACT! LIVE On The Road

Although TNA is advertising iMPACT! Wrestling as airing live on Spike TV, a decision was made to rarely go live. The current taping format is taping two shows in one night and the plan going forward is to start filming the shows around 7:00 p.m. for events held in the Eastern time zone meaning it would air on around a one hour tape delay.

They tape the show without commercial breaks allowing them to get the show done in 90-100 minutes and then tape a second show from 8:40 until around 10:15 p.m. Both tapings in Pennsylvania two weeks ago were finished around 10:15 p.m. Going live with the first show including commercial breaks would push the second taping to nearly 11:45 p.m. on a Thursday night.

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4 Responses to “Update: How TNA Is Taping iMPACT! LIVE On The Road”

  1. xenocea says:

    It kills the immersion and atmosphere of the crowd when they do that. You can clearly see on TV how the audience is burnt out from the second show, lacking energy and reactions to matches, and it kills the illusion when wrestlers comes out tries and relates to the storyline saying "last week" when in reality it happen in the same evening.

  2. Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

    This is a good thing. People get 2 iMPACTs in 3:15 where the WWE crowd gets 1 RAW show in just over 3 hours. Better bargian with TNA.

    • purpleurkel says:

      and WWE is 2 hours of talking and waiting out commercials. So boring, then the boring matches fill the rest of the time.

      Only good part is 1 minute of Fandango telling people they are saying his name wrong

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