Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 9, 2013
Update: Hulk & Brooke Hogan Attend Last Night’s NFL Game

Update: Hulk & Brooke Hogan Attend Last Night’s NFL Game

Hulk Hogan was in attendance for last night’s Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants NFL game. He was with daughter Brooke, who is engaged to Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa.

Also, Twitter user Ferman Torres tweeted a photo of Hulk Hogan hanging with NBA Player Lebron James and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at last night’s Cowboys game…

@KingJames #JerryJones and @HulkHogan Sweet! @IMPACTWRESTLING
— Ferman Torres (@MainEventPlayer) September 9, 2013

You can see photos of Hulk, Brooke, LeBron and Jerry Jones by clicking here.

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5 Responses to “Update: Hulk & Brooke Hogan Attend Last Night’s NFL Game”

  1. Hogan should bring Jerry Jones in as an investor to TNA, and have Bound For Glory at Texas Stadium!!!

  2. The Spectacular Crimson Spider says:

    Please explain to me why the fuck is this news? Brooke and get father went to game, whoop-de-fuckin-do! How about posting some news on Alex Shelly. At least I give a fuck what goes on with him. This site writes too much nonsense on this bitch. I’m sick of all the so called news that is nothing more than complete bullshit or stuff I could care less about. Shit like, “Hulk Hogan just switched his brand of toothpaste! More as we get it.” or other crap like “Former TNA star Ric Flair ranting on TNA”and ask he said was “With the current direction the company is taking, they could stand to make some improvements in the production values to keep the fans into the product.” Where was the ranting? Granted, he hasn’t said anything of the sort, it was just an example. It’s a damn shame how much crap you guys pass off as news.

  3. Luis says:

    Hogan gets booed for being a Cowboys Step Daddy in Philly lol more details later stay tuned

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