Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 9, 2012
Update: Hulk Hogan Loses In Court Again

Update: Hulk Hogan Loses In Court Again

Hulk Hogan attempted a new argument in court this week to get a ruling to force to remove clips of his sex tape online.

On 12/3, Judge James Whittemore ruled against Hogan saying he was trying to re-argue the same issue that he had already denied. The judge added that Hogan has failed to prove that there would be any immediate harm to him if the material wasn’t removed.

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2 Responses to “Update: Hulk Hogan Loses In Court Again”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    OMG.. So shocked they're using a different Hogan pic for this article.

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Time for a new lawyer Hulk

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