Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 9, 2013
Update: Justin Credible’s Parents Robbed At Gunpoint

Update: Justin Credible’s Parents Robbed At Gunpoint

UPDATE: Here are some more details on Justin Credible’s parents being robbed at gunpoint. The following is an article courtesy of

Threatened to Kill Them

Former WWE star Justin Credible claims he was a victim of a scary home invasion last night when 3 gun-toting criminals threatened to kill his family … while he slept through the whole thing.

Credible — real name Peter Polaco — tells us he and his wife were sleeping in their home in Waterbury, Connecticut when family members woke them up saying the house had just been robbed.

The ex-Hardcore champ says the bad guys broke a kitchen window to get in the house and quickly made their way to a bedroom upstairs where his brother and nephew were sleeping.

Polaco says the 3 men tied his brother up with zip ties and told him if one noise was made “they’d be shot.”

The 39-year-old wrestler says the criminals then made their way to his parents’ bedroom and woke the elderly couple up, tied them up and continually grilled them on where the family kept their safe.

The couple repeatedly told the burglars they didn’t have one — so the 3 men took $5 from his dad’s wallet — jacked his mother’s cell phone — and rushed out of the house.

Credible says the family believes the attack was NOT random because the bad guys kept mentioning his brother by name during the invasion.

A rep for the Waterbury Connecticut Police declined to comment on the case — since it was part of an “open investigation.”

ORIGINAL: Former WWE and TNA wrestler Justin Credible stated on Twitter late Wednesday evening that his parents tied up and robbed at gunpoint after someone broke into their house.

He wrote, “This is not a joke. 3 masked guys with guns broke into my parents house through the kitchen window. They tied my folks up and my brother too .. They had guns pointed. At them. They checked the downstair door where me and my wife stay, but it was locked. They took some jewelry .. But they never got to us. I’ve never felt so violated and helpless. They even pointed a gun and threaten to shoot my brothers son who never .. Woke to see what happened thank god. Wow I’m blown away. So many emotions. I never thought this could happen to me .. So many cops where here, none of them did anything that was helpful .. Scary thing is they knew who the family was. Crazy who would do such a thing. Thats why I gotta be careful on who I let into my life .. Sorry guys I had to vent to somebody. I just wish I could have done something. I thought this sh#t only happened in movies.”

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8 Responses to “Update: Justin Credible’s Parents Robbed At Gunpoint”

  1. oh0K says:

    did you really have to put "original report" in there? It's the same…

    what does i have to do with TNA? furthermore if all they got was 5$ was it really a robbery? and who in their right mind would pick his parents rob?

  2. Tiffanydude says:

    Damn something like this sounds like what would happen in a mafia type movie, damn I'd be my shitting my pants if this happened to me.

  3. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Wow! A whole 5 dollars??
    Thats like, $1.66 each!
    You can buy most chocolate bars with that kind of dough 😉

  4. hangers says:

    Sounds like he owes someone..

  5. Roid Master says:

    That's just incredible news!

  6. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    There needs to be some harsh penalties enacted for crimes like these.

  7. whatsup121 says:

    at least no one was hurt that's all that matters

  8. Nate says:

    Considering he is a Celebrity in the Wrestling business and fans are aware who he is, it sounds to me like what happened could have been a warning to him through his parents and not just a random B and E type situation.

    If I am wrong and that isn’t the case, people just SUCK!

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