Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 21, 2013
Update: Major Issues At Last Night’s TNA Live Event

Update: Major Issues At Last Night’s TNA Live Event

We noted late last night here on the website that the TNA iMPACT! Wrestling live event in Cape Giradeau, Missouri on Saturday night turned into a complete disaster when the card had to be drastically altered due to six wrestlers being unable to compete as scheduled.

The Missouri Athletic Commission would not allow Chris Sabin, Garrett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Wes Brisco, Gail Kim and Miss Tessmacher to work matches because they did not have current licenses to wrestle. TNA wasn’t aware of this until they got to the arena and had to make major changes.

As a result, the event in Cape Giradeau on Saturday night opened with a TNA agent (Pat Kenney) coming out to the ring to announce that the aforementioned six wrestlers would not be wrestling on the show as advertised. Instead, the following card took place across approximately 90 mins in front of 500 fans, with five total matches (three of which featured double-duty performances):

* Bully Ray vs. James Storm
* Devon vs. Gunner
* Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode
* Gunner & James Storm vs. Bully Ray & Devon
* Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

TNA attempted to save face with the fans in attendance by inviting them backstage after the show to meet the stars for free. That too fell apart in a sense, as Jeff Hardy, arguably the biggest star available, charged $20 for a photo and reportedly would not sign autographs.

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  1. nicholal79 says:

    This is a sad but, inexcusable for TNA to not have ensured that its wrestlers had their licenses current! TNA should have copies of all of its wrestlers licenses from every state they are licensed in! Now this brings me to Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy is obviously not a company man! The fans are not important to him, he only cares about their money and if they will give it to him!

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Seriously? I don't think Jeff Hardy is in charge of how the events are run and what is charged. Jeff Hardy is the nicest guy there. They do these $20 photo deals at every live event for years now. The company picks who takes the photos. They don't allow autographs on those because it's at the end of the show and they don't want to hold up the line. It's not Hardy's fault, he's a great guy and we got him to sign stuff at the end of the Danville show, so it's not his policy, it's just the nature of the event. Jeff Hardy is very nice and he definitely has gone out of his way for fans at TNA. Of course he cares about his own fans and business interests, but I have been stopped by Jeff Hardy in hallways numerous times if he sees you wearing his merchandise. The way this is written it's like "Jeff Hardy charges $20 a photo", when again, this is done at EVERY TNA live show, the $20 photo is usually with the top star, like Angle, Styles, RVD, etc. It has nothing to do with Jeff Hardy. They take the photos with their company digital camera and print it out for you. This is not arranged or organized by Jeffy Hardy. Yes, TNA uses it's top stars to generate revenue for the company, but try to get any of this from WWE. And yes, I've been to plenty of indy shows where talent charges to get pictures with them, so I don't even see why this is even a particular issue.

      • nicholal79 says:

        From what I heard from a friend who was there, he said, Jeff Hardy was the only one who was not really into making it up to the fans! You notice how no other wrestler was mentioned in the post as being difficult except, Jeff Hardy!

        • JoeWrestling says:

          If someone there has anecdotal information about Jeff Hardy, that's fine. But the post does not say anything about "being difficult." It says "Jeff Hardy, arguably the biggest star available, charged $20 for a photo and reportedly would not sign autographs." This has nothing to do with Jeff Hardy's mindset toward fans, since charging $20 has nothing to do with Jeff Hardy. For years they have ended live events with $20 photos. Jeff Hardy has no choice in this, the same has been done by Angle, Joe, RVD, etc and they used to do this after Impact Zone shows too. These pictures are taken and printed out by TNA, these aren't just bring your own camera pictures. So again, this has nothing to do with Jeff Hardy not making it up to fans. It says right there that Jeff Hardy wrestled in the main event. Jeff Hardy did not cheat any fans. And as noted, Jeff Hardy signs tons of autographs, they just don't sign autographs as a rule during the $20 photo line, however I was able to get Hardy to sign a shirt in the Danville line, and he signed autographs during the intermission anyway. I've even got RVD to sign things in the line when you weren't supposed to. They don't turn down autographs, it's just something TNA security enforces no autographs if there is a line of hundred people and they need to keep moving. If you allow autographs during everything, people will literally drag dolly's full of merchandise through trying to abuse it.

          • nicholal79 says:

            So, Jeff Hardy was doing what everyone else was doing but, the post doesn't mention any other wrestler doing the same thing! So it is a safe bet he was the only doing it!

  2. Saul Falcon says:

    Come on tna! Pull it together

  3. ricky_No1 says:

    And this kind of crap is why TNA will never be any bigger. Company run like a joke at best.


    if that’s true then Jeff is an @$$ HOLE!

    • OldManEaston says:

      I agree. Jeff Hardy deserves a big F YOU for that! For everything you hear about him having cleaned up his life (which seems to be true), he's still a space cadet who lives in his own little reality. Always has been always will be apparently. You have a big bomb of a show, the least you could do is give a few autographs to your "creatures of the night", BUT NO, you Big Shot them instead.

  5. Sir.Quala says:


  6. dreamerfcf says:

    Why do they need a license? Isn't wrestling considered entertainment? Do other actors need a license? On what level is a license required? Does the local high school thespian club, which charges $5.00 a ticket, need a license too?

    • nicholal79 says:

      It is to ensure the wrestlers are physically healthy enough! We are talking full medical testing! We're talking blood work, EKGs, vision, MRIs and more! Just to make sure you won't die for prior health problems to protect the state!

      • dreamerfcf says:

        Thanks for your comment. I was legitimately confused, but you made a lot of sense. Thank you!!

  7. 02Roadking says:

    Hardy's path to failure

    1> come back humbled
    2> do whatever they ask
    3> begin to believe the fan worship
    4> grow a sense of entitlement
    5> become a douche to his fans
    6> get suspended for doing drugs again..

  8. Bigmike885 says:

    To anybody who asks why some of us are so Negative on TNA….heres your reason.. No other Major promotion has had a issue like this. This is supposed to be the number 2 promotion, not in the US, but the WORLD and the pull this crap. And, if by some weird reason, WWE did happen to have this happen, they would have forced their guys to make good, not allow a douche like Hardy pull this.

    • UntypicalWF says:

      So you are saying they would not allow their biggest money makes say John Cena pull this? I really doubt so., Not saying Hardy should of. But you should know by all of the backstage garbage that the biggest stars of companies are untouchable,. I mean come on Cena is on steroids and anyone who says otherwise. Be a guy his weight and built and pick up 500 pound and more guys like it was nothing.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      WWE would "force their guys to make good", what does this even mean. They would likely just cancel the show. I can't imagine that WWE would line all their wrestlers up and give all the fans a free meet and greet. Get real. Plus these TNA seats are mostly $15 and $30 tickets. Good luck getting any close up tickets at WWE for that, and good luck even getting within arms reach distance of any WWE wrestler. I guess you missed the wrestlemania axxess where the rules are "Superstars at autograph stations can only sign one item and cannot take posed photos." They were selling VIP ticket for $135 to meet one wrestler. So lets get some perspective here. I mean, $135 to meet the likes of Kane or Ryback, but you get to meet Kurt Angle, Hardy, whoever for peanuts and it's somehow a travesty.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        When most of their crew got stuck in Europe due to the volcano going off they still ran house shows with who they had and gave everyone who had tickets free tickets for the next time they came through (which happened to be a ppv) also. All of the guys who were at the show did a meet and greet (and didn't charge for autographs)Sent from my iPhone

  9. RavenNevermore says:

    The dirtsheets come again. We do not know the whole story. So all you TNA haters who get boners when they hear stuff like this. Wash your hands please. I am not saying TNA is not wrong. But I do not relish on the negativity of TNA. Its not like they had many wrestlers die or anything. This site is starting to be like the INC. The most backwards community anywhere. Not that this is not Ta’s fault. It is. But come on. This is wrestling. Not politics. Leave that to the backstage.

    • whatever says:

      This is not from the dirt sheets this is from a live event where they came out and actually told the crowd so and so couldn’t be here. Get over yourself and start seeing that these are all the problems that are really going on with this company right now.

  10. UntypicalWF says:

    Not a good thing. Jeff Hardy was being a douche. But come on its not like TNA is evil here. Not saying they are righteous but with the negativity makes me sick, So called fans on the internet seem to care more about politics than wrestling. Believe you me wwe darlings, The WWE is good about putting things under wrap. Controlling their wrestlers who do it because of being paid so well. So please stop defending the WWE like they are perfect. I would rather watch a company that makes mistakes than one that is ran like the Stepford Wives. Thank you

    • whatever says:

      Its not about defending wwe its about the tna fan boys like you who always defend tna and act like all these mistakes and problems are minor and act like tna cam never do no wrong. There are problems going on in both companies but at least VKM will offer more than just going backstage and have to pay more money just to get an autograph as a way of making it up to their fans

  11. Bigmike885 says:

    Also…its stuff like this that keeps big names away from TNA. Between contracts being allowed to almost expire (I know I know..hes fired now, but still..) and now this…It looks more and more like a mickey mouse organization…WWE might be a lot of things, but disorganized and unprofessional is not one of them (at least on the business side)

  12. 2blackbelts says:

    As a resident of Missouri, and one who works shows backstage for WLW, TNA, and WWE, I have become well acquanted with the agents from the M.A.C, and they are all very nice people I did not work this show as i was booked doing another event. I have mentioned many times to the wrestlers to have their licenses current, and the ladies even need on time pregnancy tests as well. This is an unfortunate situation for all involved. This also doesn't sound like the Jeff Hardy I know, as he reallly goes out of his way backstage for eveyone. I do hope TNA learned a lesson from this, as I think they are in St. Louis in August or September

  13. Stunner says:

    Bigmike885 your wrong my friend to your statement about this has never happened before to a major promotion . It happened to the NWA before with a guy by the name of Ox baker, Kevin Sullivan, and I can’t remember the other guy however they were suppose to wrestle in West Virginia and they couldn’t due to some licenses issues. So you see it has happened before and I should know I was there

    • nicholal79 says:

      Just so you know the NWA is not a promotion! It is an alliance of promotions who recognize a single champion in each of multiple divisions.

    • Bigmike885 says: what 20-30 years ago? In this day in age it shouldn't happen, and as stated above, the NWA was a vast orginiaztion and the wrestlers themselves were responsible for these things then as they were not signed to a specific company.

  14. RavenNevermore says:

    Sorry but we do not know what really goes on. TNA seems like they are doing well. If other companies like the wwe were being reported from the backstage they would be surprised. Not to mention how bad they treat event workers.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      see, you say "we do not know what really goes on" and that this is just dirt sheet stuff, but this has been reported by many fans who were at the event..this just need to accept it

  15. TheBringer92 says:

    Jeff Hardy refusing autographs…that brings me to The Jeff Hardy DVD, I believe wwe my life my rules or the double Hardy boys one with Matt Hardy. Anyway in the doc he says that he takes time out of getting on the tour bus or waiting fr shower so kids will go back and say that was really cool. Sounds like it,

  16. jcarter13 says:

    TNA is lucky to have Hardy

    • OldManEaston says:

      Why is that, because he drew 500 people to a house show? More like he is lucky to have a guaranteed contract making big money and not having to scrounge up dates like guys on the independent scene do for gas money.

  17. currymitchell says:

    Okay I never post anything on here often because I believe in TNA as a company however, I think it is time for a true wrestling guy to buy out TNA from the Carter's. Dixie has been running this company into the ground for the last few years. I would love to see this but I do believe they would sale it too Vince to get the most possible money.

  18. tsoutheast says:

    TNA House Shows does poor attendance and are money losers.

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