Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 9, 2013
Update On Bellator With The TNA Timeslot Change

Update On Bellator With The TNA Timeslot Change

According to a Spike TV official (via, the remaining schedule for Bellator through their upcoming Summer Series and season 9 is undecided. Bellator’s Summer Series debuts in June with Bellator 96. The next Summer Series event is also set for a Wednesday in July.

As we reported here on the website, Bellator’s lead-in show, TNA iMPACT! Wrestling, is set to return to its old time slot later on Thursday nights now that Bellator is on a temporary hiatus. The Spike TV official said it’s too early to decide if Bellator is staying on Wednesday night. The official told, “We haven’t made any decision about moving it off Thursday. We’ll take a look at the time slot for September down the road, but right now, this is a change for the summer.”

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4 Responses to “Update On Bellator With The TNA Timeslot Change”

  1. Jack_Flagrant says:

    Back to 9PM Eastern Time, huh?

    Meh. Not sure if it will make a huge difference.

  2. whatsup121 says:

    the problem with switching time slots is that fans for get to set they're pvr (tivo's) and that ends up hurting ratings for the first month or so.

  3. Iconicecrater says:

    It is too bad that TNA is not on other channels beside SpikeTV. When Bischoff got WCW on CBS on late Saturday nights it was the perfect lead to Monday Nitro.. Besides if you look for those videos on YouTube you can find some incredible matches And debuts by Triple H, Edge And Eddie Guerrero..

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