Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 16, 2013
Update On Bully Ray’s Bachelor Party, British Boot Camp

Update On Bully Ray’s Bachelor Party, British Boot Camp

— The fourth episode of TNA’s British Boot Camp is airing tonight on Challenge TV. TNA President Dixie Carter and James Storm will both appear.

— The press release earlier about a bachelor party for Bully Ray is legit. TNA will be filming the party and will show highlights on iMPACT!.

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2 Responses to “Update On Bully Ray’s Bachelor Party, British Boot Camp”

  1. genetic_mistake says:

    #1, I'm surprised they got permission to film inside a strip club. That must be why they rented the entire floor, so they could control everything and not have to get releases from every customer that may accidentally end up on screen,

    #2, I'm surprised nobody in TNA thinks this is a ridiculous idea and hasn't tried to put a stop to it.

    #3, To justify the amount of money they're spending here, expect something "shocking" to happen that will try to generate exposure in other media. A few TMZ moments, or something to that effect, where they get printed in a non-wrestling media outlet.

  2. purpleurkel says:

    Maybe this is where As & 8s shows up to crash the party?

    how much does it cost to rent the floor of a popular strip club? Seems cheaper just to do it in Florida

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