Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 2, 2013
Update On Hulk Hogan’s Big Boat Party & More

Update On Hulk Hogan’s Big Boat Party & More

TNA iMPACT! Wrestling star Hulk Hogan posted a new tweet recently informing fans about a boat party he will be having tomorrow. Hogan wrote:

“Major party on new searay deck boat today,coolest boat I ever had,but go fast IMMORTAL will hit the water tomorrow,triple numbers brother HH”

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8 Responses to “Update On Hulk Hogan’s Big Boat Party & More”

  1. TheMiwyun says:

    hogan had big party more like sex party

  2. xenoblade says:

    Hope he doesn’t blow his hand off he needs it to hulk up

  3. Listentna says:

    Ill go if fatty the love sponge wife is being passed around.

  4. purpleurkel says:

    Linda's lawyers let him keep a boat?

  5. @TNADARKNIGHT says:

    just go away Hogan,, this is from a Hulkamanic

  6. Vampirofan says:

    I hope there's loads of beef at the party cus Hogan loves beef!

  7. whatsup121 says:

    oh goodie more news on the hulkster and what he's doing

  8. Real Deal Heel says:

    Don't let Nick drive the boat Hulkster!!!!! :0

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