Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 17, 2012
Update On The Future Of TNA iMPACT! Staying Live

Update On The Future Of TNA iMPACT! Staying Live

Credit: Devin Cutting

Universal Studios has released the iMPACT! Wrestling schedule for the rest of the year, which reveals that the show will remain live. There are certain episodes that will not be live in November and December due to the holidays and will instead be taped in the middle of the month.

Below are the live airings:

* September 20th
* September 27th
* October 4th
* October 11th
* October 18th
* October 25th
* November 1st
* November 8th
* November 29th
* December 6th

The tapings will be held on the following dates:

* Monday, November 12th
* Tuesday, November 13th
* Monday, December 10th
* Tuesday, December 11th

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20 Responses to “Update On The Future Of TNA iMPACT! Staying Live”

  1. godoftna says:

    definitely some good news for TNA.

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Good stuff!
    I like it more when its live. It means im not tempted to look at spoilers!

  3. Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

    Just don't read spoilers people. I've stayed away from them for years and enjoy watching wrestling more because of it.

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      Exactly! For me there's no difference between live/taped except the wrestlers/commentators seem more into it when it's live.

  4. DJBIGCG says:

    I agree with mr wrestling. I don't read spoilers. I haven't for years its easy not reading the spoilers, just don't do it. It spoils what you're going to watch if you already know whats going to happen

  5. Stunner says:

    Great Strides TNA … WHAT … Yeah your shows are getting better while I’m loyal to the WWE it’s getting harder to Watch …. WHAT … Yeah never though I would be thinking that !!

  6. Stunner says:

    Now if TNA could get two hours of wrestling then the WWE would be in some serious trouble!

  7. 02Roadking says:

    Out of respect for the great shows they have been doing, I won't be looking at the spoilers……who am I kidding, I won't look at MOST of them….some of them… or two….before I know it, I'll be glued to the sites waiting for them. Damn, I'm weak…..

  8. Get_Carter says:

    This is great news. The live shows have a better "edge" and the commercial segments and Post Show add to the experience.

  9. voyaga1 says:

    Great News for TNA… keep the momentum going and keep surprising the fans!

  10. IW4EVA says:

    Good going TNA and Spike , this was the thread i clicked on with most curiosity and hope and it dint let me down !

  11. whatsup121 says:

    glad tna is staying live

  12. whatsup121 says:

    with spoilers as long as it says spoilers on it I'll decide if I want to read it but when people don't post it's a spoiler and I read it then I get upset about spoilers cause now the ruined it for me where as it's my choice to wait and see or read it first

  13. RealCreative says:

    since goin live it has helped the show be so much better in quality IMO…no spoilers and better look and feel

  14. akcbd says:

    any news on if it will continue live into the new year?

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      since that hasnt been reported that probably still has to be decided by tna/spike.

      probably hear about whether they intend to stay like during november.

  15. Real Deal Heel says:

    LIVE is awesome…never know what will happen…unless it's boring ass RAW. TNA TNA!!!

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