Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 14, 2013
Update On The TNA iMPACT! Tapings In Baltimore, ML

Update On The TNA iMPACT! Tapings In Baltimore, ML

According to online indications, tickets for the entire second row of ringside seats near the entrance ramp for the upcoming TNA iMPACT! Wrestling television tapings in Baltimore, Maryland are still unsold.

Apparently you can still purchase up to 14 seats next to each other in the second row.

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10 Responses to “Update On The TNA iMPACT! Tapings In Baltimore, ML”

  1. Roid Master says:

    I live between DC and Baltimore and have not heard any advertisements for it. Not to mention, that's too big of an arena. I wonder how that show is going to look on tv.

  2. nwoforlife says:

    see that's the problem with tna no promoting what so ever not on tv news papers radio nothing

  3. Matt says:

    TNA has been advertising it on Impact and their website. I bought tickets during the pre-sale. They do need to push it in local papers and TV ads though.

  4. lee4tammy says:

    the reason why tna on the road is looking like a bad idea for tna and that tna seem to be in a bad way at the moment is because

    they dont advertise
    they book huge arenas that they cant sell (10k plus)

    im not big ROH fan but they always go to venues that they can sell out

  5. tnadude says:

    ML? Really? SMH…

  6. jbcissom says:

    Ticketmaster was doing a deal last nite, lower level seats (floor), four tickets for $40.

    And like it's already been said, there has been no advertising here in the Baltimore area. I live in Middle River (literally 5 min from Baltimore), and there has not been a single radio or local tv advertisement that I've seen or heard. Doing "day of" media blitzes is not the proper way to advertise.

  7. Jfats says:

    I live on Marylands eastern shore and receive Baltimore tv stations and have not heard one tv commercial or radio commercial about the show. The only two ways I have heard about it is here and when ticketmaster sent me the deal email. TNA needs to step up their advertising.

  8. redavanakin says:

    people who have garage sales do more advertising than TNA.

  9. tnadude says:

    I live near Baltimore as well. I haven't heard a peep either. That said, I tend to watch cable programming, and when I actually do get in the car (I work from home), I turn on my Sirius radio.

    Unfortunately, I'm becoming more the norm than the exception. And people like me make it harder for TNA to do real advertising. Back in the day, WCW/WWF would just show up at the 98 Rock morning show and voila – promotion. Free and effective.

    That's not the case today. A well-placed billboard would be nice, but really, it's harder to promote an event than it used to be.

    I should add – this is part of the reason the entire indy scene is failing…

  10. Chris Owens says:

    I also live in Baltimore n if I didnt tell all my friends nobody would have known

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