Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 8, 2013
Update On TNA’s Major Announcement

Update On TNA’s Major Announcement

UPDATE: TNA is in negotiations with YouTube for a paid channel and the deal may already be completed. The deal is considered to be “a lock” internally; YouTube is said to have approached TNA about the deal.

ORIGINAL: TNA announced the following on Twitter today…

Big news coming soon about TNA on @YouTube – stay tuned! In the meantime, visit our YouTube channel at

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24 Responses to “Update On TNA’s Major Announcement”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    "Paid Channel" ?
    Do they mean they will be youtube partners?
    Surely they already are?
    Hell, even im a youtube partner

  2. Roid Master says:

    You will pay YouTube a monthly fee to view the channel.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      They'd be better off getting advertisers. My one friend uploads videos to youtube and just got a new advertiser, he's made about 200$ in the past month just from random videos he posts, and he only has less than a couple thousand followers. Monthly fees won't generate nearly as much money.

      • Roid Master says:

        This is the next stage in the evolution of "television". People are dropping their expensive cable bundles and turning to online services such as Hulu and Netflix, and now YouTube to provide them with their entertainment. It's more of an a la carte way of shopping for entertainment which will allow the consumer to pick and choose what they want to watch for a lower price. If you ask me, TNA seems to be ahead of the curve on this one.


    YouTube is FREE why pay?

    • rayman1986 says:

      There's talk that YouTube is going to start charging to view all content. This is one reason WWE is moving away from YouTube

      • POWERBOMB says:

        If YouTube is going to start charging to view all content then I will be moving away form YouTube too

  4. DJBIGCG says:

    Sooo wwe goes for wwe network. TNA realizes that, and go for there version of it with this youtube thing. Very interesting

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      it's an excellent idea with mobile devices the audience is about the same and I'd assume it's also cheaper to run a youtube channel.

    • tnadude says:

      To be fair – the WWE network idea is a bad one. Sorry Vince – you're a wrestling genius – but you're wrong about this (and YES – I still hate you).

      The reason it's bad is because television itself is dying. Like others are mentioning, people are moving more towards the internet for content. This includes Hulu, & NetFlix, but it also includes Youtube and other outlets.

      Today, it's possible for anyone with a cell phone (read "Ultimate Warrior") can have their own channel. You don't even need a computer. With a greater supply, the content itself is worth less.

      That's how TNA gets away with low ratings. Years ago – it would have been canceled. Then again, years ago, it would have been on Saturday morning because there were only a few networks.

      Even the next XBox requires an internet connection. The reason – that's where the content is.

      Vince would be better off to launch an internet channel with his content.

  5. KilloWare1996 says:

    Why would you charge someone for looking at your videos and if i was one of the TNA staff i would slap and fire anyone who thought of this idea. TNA needs to be their own network by hiring people who are young and talented and not someone like Hulk Hogan which is ruining TNA ratings. Fire Hogan and with that money sign young talent or older talent to high exclusive contracts which still lets them wrestle in the indies and helps TNA grow into a multi class company.

    • Jon says:

      For as much as I could live the rest of my life more happily if I never ran across The Great Orange Goblin on television, ask ROH how much TV interest young talent generates these days. (I've seen the ratings in several markets where their show airs, it ain't pretty, doesn't even always beat what paid programming/infomercials get).

      I don't like that reality, but it's still reality.

      • jbcissom says:

        Thank you! Some people just don't get it… wrestling doesn't draw anymore. And I'm a wrestling fan. What draws is storylines. People need to understand, Hogan and Bischoff don't have as much control as everyone thinks. I think we could use less of the Hogans on the air myself, but that's not my call.

        This whole deal with YouTube… it's about to make Comcast, TimeWarner, AT&T, Verizon, Dish Network, and DirecTV all raise their rates, because more and more people will be going a la carte with their television viewing. Depending on what happens with the new SEC Network, my family may be going the basic cable route, getting the fasted internet speed, and going a la carte as well.

        • tnadude says:

          Ahh yes, the old SEC network. University of MD is joining the Big 10 now. Why? Because of the Big 10 Network.

          I wish they'd have joined the SEC though 🙂

          Put simply – the SEC will get away with whatever it wants. Why? Because it's that much better than the next best conference (BTW – I live in ACC country – well, I used to anyway).

          Better Product = Better Rating.

          Like you said – improve the product (i.e. storylines) and the rest follows.

          • jbcissom says:

            I live outside of Baltimore, MD, now. But I'm a good ole' boy from MS. So I love my wrestling, but college football still holds my heart.

            But I don't necessarily agree with your better product = better rating. Even when WCW was dead weight, it still out-drew ECW on TNN/SpikeTV.

            What TNA does need is to be put with a top-drawing show. A lot of people won't say this, but back when TNA was getting those 1.5's before H&B came along, the lead in show was CSI, SpikeTV's top-rated show at the time. That's why I think TNA needs to hope and pray A&E decides they want to air TNA Impact! and have the lead in show be Duck Dynasty.

          • tnadude says:

            Whereabouts outside Baltimore? Nice to see some "locals" around here…

            I do see a bit of a difference between WCW & ECW. When WCW went down, yep – it SUCKED. It could have been the worst wrestling program I've ever seen. But it still had the stars we were used to seeing. So we tuned in. They also had the best and brightest ECW guys at the time (Raven & the Flock), so even ECW guys still had a vested interest in it. Also, many people (yours truly included) were not hard-core fans and were turned off by a lot of things ECW was doing at the time. So I wouldn't have tuned in anyway.

            Admittedly, they were trend-setters, and "ahead of the curve", but it does take time for the general public to catch up.

            And finally, let's face it – WCW had SO much talent, we all thought it was coming back, so we kept tuning in FAR longer than any of us wishes we had. I can promise you I'd have tuned out at least a year earlier if I'd have realized it was done.

  6. Jack_Flagrant says:

    I know that the following is somewhat unrelated, but…

    Since: WWE = Yahoo!

    Perhaps: TNA = Google, or Bing?

  7. whatsup121 says:

    if it puts on the entire show with the full matches versus what some fans post is a 5 min version of a 15 min match then i'm for it cause it blow's trying to get the entire show sometimes

  8. IHNSAIN says:

    so does this mean tna will be live on youtube or even available minits after tna has finished on spike tv cause that could cause a big dip in uk ratings id gladly pay that w8 a few days or watch a bad quality version on youtube or downloaded im sure im not the only one

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