Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 12, 2014
Update On Top TNA Stars Contracts + UK Tour Update, More

Update On Top TNA Stars Contracts + UK Tour Update, More

The TNA stars scheduled for next year’s European tour, which was a solid success for the company earlier this year, are Bully Ray, Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Ken Anderson, Eric Young, Gail Kim, Gunner, Abyss, Ethan Carter III, Tigre Uno and Rockstar Spud. That would lead you to believe that all of those talents are under contract through the rest of 2014 and into 2015.

In the case of Jeff Hardy, whether he’s under contract or not, he can’t be part of the European tour because of his past drug conviction.

The European tour dates are January 29th in Glasgow, Scotland, January 30th in Manchester, England and January 31st in London, England.

The only show announced as a TV taping is the 1/31 date in London, where two episodes of Impact Wrestling are scheduled to be taped. They’ve also announced an Ultimate-X match for the London show.

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8 Responses to “Update On Top TNA Stars Contracts + UK Tour Update, More”

  1. Austin_Aries_28 says:

    As much as I don't like older wwe talent to be in the spotlight. Hardy does sell a ton of merch which is ultimately good for a company. Also it gets the younger audience more involved. I'm not up to speed with his parameters on travel, but if he indeed can never leave the country again I hope tna at least gives him the belt right after the uk tour so he can sell some merch for a good solid 7 months or so.

    • Peckar says:

      Did you notice your namesake is not there? Hopefully he goes back to where he is the ONLY two time Heavyweight champion. Along with him, A.J, Steen and The Real Man, ROH will surpass TNA by next year.

      • Austin_Aries_28 says:

        Yeah they're not only misusing aries though. And I'm pretty sure roh won't pass tna next year. I try to watch roh every saturday and I can't make it through all the way without changing channels to something else. Tna I watch the whole 2 hours of, as well as I'm able to stomach the last 2 hours of raw each week. The first hour is usually filler. And I'm pretty sure the reason aries isn't champion/hasn't been champion in a long time is because it takes a smart fan to understand his tweener capabilities. Not saying I'm a genius by the way. Just saying a lot of kids/younger people think hes just being a dick all the time. And I really don't mind aj being gone, stick around too long people get bored. I'm actually grateful to have new fresh faces while they let some veterans go for a while/take a break.

        • Mr. Excitement says:

          TNA has been decent but ROH is a shell of its former self.

          • Peckar says:

            If you say TNA has been decent, you arecondradicting what you said two weeks ago. ROH has been decent, TNA is a shell of tis former self.

  2. Ringmaster44 says:

    We'll AJ ain't on no break……He's is your IWGP champion!!!!!

  3. goonpoh says:

    Is ROH still around? Tna has been WAY better now then it was in 2010 . ROH is only a minor league for mostly wwe and tna.

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