Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 8, 2014
Update & Plans For Chris Melendez’ TNA Debut

Update & Plans For Chris Melendez’ TNA Debut

Chris Melendez faced DJ Zema Ion at last night’s TNA iMPACT! TV tapings. The match was filmed during the September 4th tapings but it will actually air on the September 11th episode.

Of course, September 11th is an important day in America and they are going to tie that in to Melendez’ military background.

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5 Responses to “Update & Plans For Chris Melendez’ TNA Debut”

  1. tna24 says:

    having a guy like him in tna remind me when wwe had a guy kind of like him i dont remember if he had one leg or one arm

    • Dependant says:

      It was one leg also his name was Zach Gowen but I believe he was born like that or something a long the lines where he lost it early and yeah I think hes still wrestling on the indies not sure.

      • sephstorm says:

        Ugh, I hate Zach Gowan, TNA doesn't need filler to be inspirational, it needs to build a current roster of high visibility midcarders to insure TNA won't die out when the WWE stars leave. They do great work in bursts, but with no long term vision. They need to get people interested in The Bromans ad individual wrestlers, Bram and Freak(Q?) They also need to fill out the KO Division, you have numerous KO's who haven't been seen in forever. Now is the perfect time to remove boss type characters, like DC and KA from the spotlight, focus on the new storylines but keep them short enough to where you can build long term depth. Instead of dropping the KO title on Taryn in 3 months, have her make a tag team with Brooke and win the KO TTT, building legitimacy. Same with the Hardy's they reunite and automatically get a title shot? What mess is that?

  2. anglelegend says:

    How could it have been filmed on September 4th when it's still August

    What a terrible website

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