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Update: Ric Flair’s Lawyer Responds To Ex-Wife

Update: Ric Flair’s Lawyer Responds To Ex-Wife

UPDATE: In an update to their previous story, TMZ reports that Ric Flair’s lawyer has responded to Jacqueline Fliehr’s claims that he cheated on her and didn’t come through on a separation agreement.

The lawyer said Flair “denies the claims, contends there was marital and other misconduct on her part, and looks forward to these issues being resolved in court.”

ORIGINAL: According to TMZ, Ric Flair’s fourth wife, Jacqueline Fliehr, has filed for legal separation from Flair in North Carolina. She claims that Flair was unfaithful to her during the marriage. Back in October, the couple filed a separation agreement in October. Part of the agreement called for Flair to pay Jacqueline $4,000 per month in spousal support, a $15,000 one-time payment and an additional $14,000 from the time when they were separated in July.

Jacqueline Fliehr now claims that Flair has not paid any portion of the agreement and has formally requested that a judge force Flair to pay her the agreed upon money. To justify her claim, she says that Flair makes more than $1 million a year.

Regarding Flair’s alleged infidelity during their marriage, she claims that Flair, “has had numerous intimate relationships with other women during the parties’s marriage, to the embarrassment and humiliation of wife.” She also claimed Flair engaged in “acts of illicit sexual behavior.”

Flair’s representatives did not comment for the story and a formal hearing has not been set at this time.

Here is the article:

Ric Flair’s latest marriage has officially hit the mat — his fourth wife has filed for legal separation … claiming the legendary pro wrestler was as big of a cheater in their marriage as he is in the ring.

Jacqueline Fliehr filed the docs in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina earlier this month citing “acts of illicit sexual behavior.”

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jackie explains, “Husband has had numerous intimate relationships with other women during the parties’ marriage, to the embarrassment and humiliation of wife.”

Jacqueline also notes that she was a “faithful and dutiful wife” ever since they tied the knot in 2009.

But there’s more … Jackie claims Ric has totally screwed her out of tens of thousands of dollars in spousal support he agreed to pay when they hammered out a separation agreement back in October.

According to the docs, Flair agreed to pay Jacqueline $4k per month in spousal support … plus a one-time payment of $15k to cover legal costs. He also agreed to pay $14k in back payments from the time they split in July.

But Jacqueline claims Nature Boy totally blew off the agreement — and hasn’t paid her one single cent.

Now she wants a judge to force Ric to pay up … which shouldn’t be too hard, considering she claims he still makes more than $1 MILLION per year. Not bad for a 63-year-old pro wrestler.

We reached out to Flair’s people — so far, no response.

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16 Responses to “Update: Ric Flair’s Lawyer Responds To Ex-Wife”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    she wants 15k up front and 4k a month?? for what?? 50k/year so she can sit on her sorry ass.

    gold diggin piece of

    I blame Viagra for the whole mess

  2. Goeroe1981 says:

    Can somebody please explain to me why he's owes her that much money? "I've been a good wife to him since 2009"…… Whoopy, would you like an award for such a great act which is nearly impossible to achieve.
    Get real didn't work out you separate and give a person maybe some cash, so they can go look out for themselves and then it should be enough. Find a job and work for your own money. Just like before you married him ONLY 3 years ago.

    Ric Flair doesn't learn from previous mistakes. If you marry stay faithfull dude.

    • tnadude says:

      She did get named with Flair… Just sayin'. That ought to be worth something.

      She will also likely suffer from nightmaires of a named Flair screaming WOO every time he, uh, you know…

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Many times the reason spousal support payments are made for the following reasons:
      They separated and neither want to sell the home, so help is needed paying for the home.
      They have become accustomed to living a certain lifestyle.
      They can no longer afford the bills on their own.

      Some cases it's genuinely needed and ok to have spousal support payments in some cases, especially those involving children. In many other cases it's simply an ex milking their "sugar daddy" for money after they have caught on and left. By appearance this is what has happened, as it's outrageous to believe Flair has been making anywhere near 1 million dollars a year in the past 3 years.

  3. Stunner says:

    Can someone tell me why this is posted here Flair doesn’t even work for TNA! Lol!

  4. dcxboxx says:

    i understand if he had kids with her but he didn't stupid divorce laws are unfair. why should someone get paid for such. he she handicaped prob not. should he pay the legal fees? ok thats fair. how long were they seperated legally? then maybe pay for that and thats it. 4k a month til divorce is final as a one time payment plus legal fees would be more that fair and still too much. but all this and 4k a month is retarded. stay single flair, that way you can be with as many ladies as you want and not have to deal with all the bs.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      In most court cases people don't have to pay legal fees unless they're responsible for the case happening to begin with. Most times when someone cheats in a divorce the person who cheated pays the legal fees, in all other cases it's the person who requested the divorce, unless some kind of agreement was made.

  5. toddmikki says:

    what is wrong with you people? have you no respect for women? I thought that what she was asking for was very very small, once you marry EVERYTHING becomes both of theirs! she could be asking for a whole heck of alot more considering he easily brings in a million a year (being unemployed). so asking for just 5% of his yearly income is nothing!!! I bet he spends 50,000 a weekend sometimes!!

    • Goeroe1981 says:

      What he spends doesn't matter. She was only married 3 years…… They didn't marry with the perk that everything gets cut in half, i think, because then she would get more. And they have no kids so child support is not in order. She has absolutly no claim on money what so ever, except maybe a little to get back on her OWN 2 feet. But long live USA…..

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Unfortunately the second you sign the papers for marriage everything is split down the middle, unless you have a prenup. In some states half your possessions belong to your girlfriend if you've been living with them for more than 30 days (at least here in PA), basically becoming the same as marriage without the marriage (sad huh?). Unfortunately because he made the agreement to pay that he's not in a good spot, unless he can prove the amount was unreasonable compared to the amount he made, which I'm sure isn't much.

        She claims he was making 1 million a year, which I'm sure is very far from the truth, as he might have been while working for WWE. TNA can't afford that kind of money, and WWE isn't forking out that much in royalties. WWE doesn't sell much merchandise featuring flair, and maybe makes money off their archive sales of old footage of flair (which is probably miniscule at best). Average amount a wrestler might make off royalties caps off at about 20 grand a year before taxes.

    • purpleurkel says:

      she didnt earn it…its not hers .PERIOD

      putting out is not a job

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I highly doubt he was actually clearing 1 million dollars a year, just because she stated it doesn't make it true. In TNA he may have been likely to be clearing $100,000 a year before taxes from TNA, after taxes approximately $60,000 if he's lucky. The royalty rights from WWE he MIGHT be receiving might be around 20,000 a year, or about 15,000 a year. He'd be about 35 grand in the whole every year just paying the amount she was asking, as he's no longer being paid by TNA, and is more than likely living off the royalties he may or may not receiving from WWE, which he might not even get anymore.

      • dcxboxx says:

        flair was making in the range of 10-15k an appearence with tna in his deal. he had a set amount of dates they could use him in his deal as well as take outside bookings.

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          This was what was reported as to his pay per appearance on TV broadcasted appearances, no one can truly say if that's accurate or not. You also have to remember that he had a severe limit to the number of times he could appear, and in many cases didn't appear on TV because that number was close to being used up. What he WAS making in TNA is irrelevant now though, as he's no longer making that.

          Currently he has been working outside bookings that pay a few grand a pop, and living off the royalties from WWE.

  6. Real Deal Heel says:

    So Ric Flair screwed a bunch of ho's drinking his nites away in TNA….and screwed the IRS and his soon-to-be 4th ex-wife on money…SHOCKER. Why would anyone marry this guy?

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