Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 19, 2013
Update: TNA Drops Lawsuit Against WWE

Update: TNA Drops Lawsuit Against WWE

To follow up on our earlier report, TNA’s lawsuit against WWE was officially ended yesterday with TNA voluntarily withdrawing the lawsuit. According to a document that was filed on Tuesday, TNA informed the court that both sides agreed to cover their own legal costs.

The lawsuit stems from WWE informing TNA that former employee Brian Wittenstein had handed over a flash drive containing confidential TNA documents including contracts for talent. Around this same time Ric Flair had requested a release from TNA. TNA felt it had a legal case and took WWE to court. A temporary injunction was placed against WWE requiring them to return any confidential TNA documents despite WWE already returning all documents before the lawsuit was filed and presented evidence to the court showing they had “policed their own company email and file servers” to prove any wrongdoing.

Despite reports claiming otherwise, nothing prevented WWE from hiring or talking with former TNA talent or talent with deals about to expire during the lawsuit process. Former TNA talent who had taken part in media interviews discussing their time with the company were under the impression mentioning anything about WWE could prevent their chances of possibly signing a deal and were very careful despite it never being an actual issue. Another supposed non issue had to deal with Ric Flair’s involvement in the lawsuit. WWE filed documents indicating TNA had already released Flair prior to filing the lawsuit, although at the time WWE said they had no interest in hiring Flair.

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  1. Philly_Cheese says:

    Yet more rehashing of the same exact thing they posted the other day and simply putting the word Update before it with almost no real updated information.

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