Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 7, 2012
Update: TNA iMPACT! Is Staying Live ….. For Now

Update: TNA iMPACT! Is Staying Live ….. For Now

As noted earlier here on the website, Dixie Carter tweeted the following during RAW: Excited to say Impact will remain live thru September. Stay tuned for more!

In an update on this, TNA iMPACT! will continue in its current live form through September 27th. The show was originally set to return to being taped at the beginning of September. The company is continuing discussions with Spike about continuing the live weekly broadcasts beyond September.

More as we get it.

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8 Responses to “Update: TNA iMPACT! Is Staying Live ….. For Now”

  1. IW4EVA says:

    This is the single greatest news for TNA fans for the next month or so .

    Hope they continue to stay live for a longer period and see how things plays out , going live has definitely boosted the quality and also suspense factor .

  2. mrthefanboy says:

    this is good news,TNA is much more unpredictable when its live.

    • soyfenomenal says:

      Could it be that the predictability comes from reading spoilers? -_-'

      • Mr. Excitement says:

        I never read spoilers so tapings were just as unpredictable. But the wrestlers seem more into their promos/matches during the live broadcasts. It's a win-win.

  3. RealCreative says:

    excellent news cause there are no spoilers…thats what killed WWE when WCW was live.

  4. Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

    I never read spoilers also but there's too many people that do. It makes the product so much better when you have no idea what's gonna happen.

  5. donutmanbill says:

    Live TV always works best when there are surprises, not just heel turns or promos but new faces that people recognize, WCW would have gone bankrupt in a year or two if they didn't have faces turning up every few weeks that people recognized, that's what TNA is sorely missing right now (and wwe to be honest) it adds excitement to both companies when there is some jumping back and forth. The 90 day no compete clause has really hurt the industry.

    Here is some ideas – (I hope Dixie is reading) that shouldn't cost the company too much money
    Ken Anderson is a great wrestler with a lot of personality, I don't think anyone would disagree with me, BUT he is being buried and I believe it's cause they don't have a lot for him to do…here's an idea….how about he does a few promos where he says he's tired of being ignored and he's about to start making an "impact" and he's brought some back up…he calls out his friend 'Hard Core Holly" (of course under a different name) Hard Core is still wrestling, is in good shape and looks A LOT like Ken Anderson, they would be a GREAT tag team or even great singles wrestlers that help each other out… since Holly isn't doing a whole lot right now other than indy shows, he probably would be affordable AND recognizable

    next – The Pope is a very good wrestler with a lot of flash and charisma – he could say that he too is sick of being ignored (leading to a feud with Mr Anderson) and he has his own back up, just as flashy as he is (drum roll please) Dustin Rhodes (with a new flashy persona, obviously not Gold Dust but more flashy than Black Raine) he wouldn't be very expensive and would create excitement on a live show and could build up the guys who aren't being used

    one final idea – it's obvious how unhappy Rob Van Dam is, he is still in his prime and looks great and gets over but he isn't being used…how about someone stalking him, wearing a mask, ruining his matches, just causing trouble, this same individual could create trouble for the Dudleys and Tazz…just causing all kinds of trouble…Rob Van Dam has had enough and calls the guy out to a no holds barred match with weapons, and the masked man removes his mask and *drum roll* it's Raven! Raven could be seeking revenge because why was he released and Tazz kept his job, and Rob Van Dam and the Dudleys kept their job, WHAT ABOUT RAVEN (get the idea) he's still wrestling and wouldn't be too expensive and you would again create excitment on a live show……I've got more ideas but Dixie should contact me directly and we'll discuss it

    • Laker says:

      Yah I think you and I can work in the creative team. But I don’t think she will get the memo in this site. Your right about one thing Ken Anderson and RVD aren’t being used that much but you forgot about Jeff Hardy. I mean he is in the main event sometimes but not as much as he used to two years ago.

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