Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 17, 2013
Update: TNA Signing New Talents & Releasing Others

Update: TNA Signing New Talents & Releasing Others

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As noted earlier this evening here on the website, Drew “DOC” Hankinson and Tara have been released from TNA Wrestling. Tara, a former five-time Knockouts champion, was being used only sporadically in recent months. This is another part of their cost-cutting measures where they are releasing talents who are rarely used as it simply doesn’t make sense to bring them in and not use them. Tara was notified of the release shortly before the company announced it publicly on their website. DOC’s TNA contract expired and they simply decided not to renew it. Tara signed with the company back in 2009 following her departure from WWE. The company issued the following statement: “IMPACT Wrestling has released Tara. We thank Tara for all her contributions and wish her the best of success in the future.”

It should also be noted that there have been 3-4 departures from the production end of the company. These releases have taken place over the last several weeks.

With that being said, TNA will be bringing in some new talents on this week’s Destination X iMPACT!. The show will air live this Thursday night from Louisville, Kentucky. The company is trying to freshen things up on a number of fronts so expect to see some new talents this Thursday. They’re basically getting rid of talents that aren’t being used and bringing in some fresh faces instead.

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27 Responses to “Update: TNA Signing New Talents & Releasing Others”

  1. MikeS23 says:

    They'll bring in new talents and then use them once or twice then release them. Look at Gutcheck. And the KO division is buried and done. They have 4 wrestling KO's. 4 is not a division, its a stable.

    • Rated_Maxx says:

      They still out perform the divas

      • Bigmike885 says:

        who cares?…at the end of the day the divas segments still get higher ratings then the KO segments…but whatever helps you sleep at night

        • jbcissom says:

          That's laughable. You, just as everyone else knows, quality doesn't equal ratings. If TNA and WWE started at the same time, WWE would be the red-headed step-child.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            Once again. Whatever helps you sleep at night man. I agree that the knockouts are much much Better quality wise, but ratings drive the boat. So does live gate at ppv buys. And I don't see the masses going out to buy anything Tna related. Hell ecw (in true ecw form) was around for less than 10 years and was more popular than Tna isSent from my iPhone

          • jbcissom says:

            I get what you're saying about ECW, but in essence, that was also what lead to the downfall of WCW… a lack of good, strong leadership. And even using ECW against TNA, ECW had nowhere near the international market that TNA has.

          • NotCookz says:

            Wrestling, as a whole, was much bigger back then too. Not exactly a fair comparison.

        • Dennis D says:

          In the U.S? Yes, they get higher ratings. But over in the UK and Europe TNA gets the same ratings as WWE. Your arguement doesn’t hold up as well as you might of hoped.

        • tnadude says:

          Please stop saying you like TNA. Seriously – please. Your comments prove otherwise…. Never a good word and always defending WWE.

          Like everyone else, you're entitled to your opinion. Just keep it real and admit who you are. You're a WWE fan. And frankly – that's fine. Just admit it because it's true.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            I never said I wasn't a wwe fan. I'm also a Tna fan. Just because I'm critical on here doesn't mean I don't like them. I'm just not one of those fans who thinks Tna can do no wrong. I'm just as critical of wwe on wwe fan sites Sent from my iPhone

          • Pippin0490 says:

            How sad that you get comments like that thrown at you just for bringing a balanced argument to the table. Sad how often any comments that mention something we feel TNA isn't doing well with result in derogatory replies.

          • tnadude says:

            Read the rest of his arguments, then decide. Also, you obviously didn't read my post. I was pretty sure I told him he was "entitled to his opinion". Also, I never even mentioned his point, so how could I be "bashing him for bringing a balanced argument?"

            The issue is that he continually claims to be a fan, but never says anything positive. Ever. He obviously hates TNA and everything about it.

            Guess what? I'm OKAY with that too. Really, I am. I just think he should admit it instead of ripping everyone else on this board and claiming he's the only person who doesn't have a bias.

          • Pippin says:

            Perhaps you should take your own advice and read my comment as at no point did I ever suggest you bashed him. As you'll see my comment had 2 sentances, one about the reply you posted telling him to stop and the other my feeling in general. It is indeed sad the one would tell another on here to stop for having an opinion that you personally do not agree with. Also, these " " are used to quote something, at no point did I say "bashing him for bringing a balanced argument?" so quoting me as saying that is quite wrong. So by asking me how you did that, when I never said you did is really rather daft.

            I've seen him post "positive stuff" and besides what he posts isn't always negative and is almost always correct and brings balance to one sided arguments. To suggest he isn't a fan and that he "obviously hates TNA and everything about it" because of this is very sad indeed.

            If you were okay with it, then why did you tell him to stop? Why are you so adament in saying that he "obviously hates TNA" and "isn't a fan"? YOU have decided that about him and are now acting upon it as if it were a fact and by telling him to stop, saying he needs to admit something, is ripping everyone else, isn't a fan & hates everything about TNA. That is, again, sad.

            You seem to think that if you keep saying you're okay with it, that it's okay to say all that nonsense even though it completely contradicts you claiming to be okay. If you were okay you wouldn't say what you have.

            So before attempting an argument with myself, making up quotes I never said and insinuating that I did say them and wanting another poster to admit to hating TNA and everything about it and isn't a fan, perhaps you should actually think about what you're saying. As it appears that you've just decided that someone here is a fake fan, just posts to rip people, hates everything TNA and want them to admit it because you don't agree with him. Very sad indeed.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i think the problem with gutcheck is just cos they sign a talent. doesnt mean that talent will be on weekly. if tna cant promise talents say 30 weeks. 40 weeks of a year on tv. they may well think its best to get rid cos they're not using them. or the talent themselves ask for the release cos if they arent working they arent getting paid as much.

      to break this cycle they're in they'd need extra tv time weekly. with the knockouts it is usual for them to have 1 segment a week usually a wrestling match. with mickie and gail being the top 2 atm. those that arent used wont see a lot of tv time. since velvet and taryn have had feuds vs mickie and gail. cant see much problem there. but for tessmacher they've got to reintroduce back to tv. blossom twins got to sign them up from OVW. and so on. if they sign an indie worker. then it has to be questioned what they doing with the knockouts champ? just not have her on 1 week? thats possible but more often than not its got to be the next feud for her thats on tv.

  2. nicholal79 says:

    TNA brings in talent for Destination X every year and then you see them once or twice.

  3. foxycaretaker83 says:

    why cant they just concentrate on what they have. I mean its already looking so pathetic. They need to keep building original stars. Building Chris sabin into the world title section is good for me. I totally doubt that it was TNA who released TNA. They're not going to admit that one of their big knockouts decided to leave so they covered that by saying they released her.

  4. Stunner says:

    WHAT??? TNA want to release someone do ya? WHAT??? TNAwant to save some money you say? WHAT??? Then send one miss Brooke Hogan packing WHAT??? TNA could kill two birds with one stone. WHAT??? Ever wonder why the KOs division is shrinking??? WHAT ??? Take a look at how many KOs TNA had before Booke jumped on board. WHAT??? An how many TNA has NOW, that actually wrestle. WHAT??? I rest my case.

  5. Laker says:

    Not Tara! Now Gutcheck better get better stars (Ricochet, Kevin Steen, American Wolves).

  6. lee4tammy says:

    Tna would never use him properly but tna should bring back world x cup and sign prince devitt for short term or short term sign Apollo 55 for the tag division

    sad to see Tara go and a shame doc has gone as i would have liked to have seen more from him

  7. sidney86 says:

    I love how everyone believes the rumours it's a cost cutting move, in a bad way, with no real evidence. If you look at the people who have been let go, with the exception of DOC which was a Pritchard Fck-up, none have really been used. So why keep them? To me it looks like TNA are streamlining their roster. Even Joey Ryan said he was being paid to sit at home and then extra when he wrestled. Keeping these guys on is bad business and a waste of money.

  8. TNA_fan says:

    Why is Hulk and Brook still with TNA?? Sting should be the GM cut Hulk, and his daughter there really no need for a "GM" for the KO.

  9. tna caput mundi says:

    doc was perfect for that character btw if all these people are getting released i hope Low ki will be on the roster again.

    i would like to thanks them and im a respectful dude but if this cost cutting would bring a solid x division with a lot of matches and low ki again in the roster with a great consideration in his regard,then i would be really happy about it.

    And speaking of ratings i hope there will be a solid number and then TNA will go forward(or should i say go back) to give more time to the x division and more time to gimmick matches with people involved even outside the weight limit(keeping the rule but sometimes giving special stipulations) people like Hernandez

  10. HolsG says:

    With it being an x division special hopefully it's largely them and a couple of knockouts debuting

    Rockstar spud will hopefully have a proper debut to – been signed a year and stuck in OVW

  11. Listentna says:

    Bring back jack evans, the young bucks, amazing red, low ki, and that grizzly red wood guy from roh and pair him with eric young. That would make a better destination x. Oh and alex shelly, paul london, and the naturals

  12. JoshuaTNA says:

    TNA really does need to freshen up, starting with taking the strap off bully ray. His gimmick and faction are starting to wear out their welcome.

    • jflegler says:

      Sort of.

      They should keep the strap on Bully until Bound for Glory, but disband A&8's.

      • Perish20 says:

        I dont umderstand why people dislike bully as champ, he’s a great heel, i think anderson will win bfg series and split aces and eights by winning the title, it should have been styles though and tna screwed that all up tonight by getting rid of the anti hero gimmick which we havent had in wrestling for far too long, please dixie if you see this HIRE SOMEONE TO RUN THE WRESTLING! i was looking forward to a new generation sting character, i cant defend this move, i mean wwe sucks nowadays this has been a bad week especially with wwe coming off a huge ppv like summerslam

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