Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 15, 2013
Update: TNA Very Happy With Last Night’s TNA iMPACT!

Update: TNA Very Happy With Last Night’s TNA iMPACT!

— As we noted earlier this morning here on the website, TNA was very happy with their first iMPACT! Wrestling “on the road” last night in Chicago, IL. Everything from the crowd response to the production to the work on the show had the company happy.

— As noted earlier, the live TNA iMPACT! broadcast and TV taping for next week that took place in Chicago, IL last night estimated between 6,000 and 6,500 fans in attendance. The company was VERY happy with those numbers.

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11 Responses to “Update: TNA Very Happy With Last Night’s TNA iMPACT!”

  1. Kyle says:

    It’s a pretty decent, but the whole “fire us, we dare you” thing bugged me. They won the right to have open access to TNA and saying HH can fire then takes away from the feel of thr group. Devon, DOC, and Knuxall should atleast be safe from being fired since they weren’t signed in the storyline, they are just a gang, unless HH was dumb enough to sign them, which wouldn’t make sense. But the rest of the guys like Anderson and Taz and Bully can be fired since they were under TNA contracts before joining.

    • tnadude says:

      I was praying Hulk would fire them. I still am. I'm holding out hope for a money-man to hire them all. It's a way to bring back Jeff Jarrett.

      Hate me all you want, but I still want to see Jeff Jarrett back. Bully has been tremendous so far as the President of Aces & 8's, but Jarrett will draw more.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Of course it's valid for Bully to broach the subject of firing because he was just recently suspended by Hogan. But, they are heels taunting the boss. It sounds like they know something the boss doesn't know. Don't be so sure Hogan can actually fire them. They have another card under their vest they aren't revealing. If Taz and D-Lo are involved, no telling how deep it runs. These people wouldn't join A&8 unless they knew there was safety in numbers. The whole TNA organization is infested. Besides, it doesn't matter because hired / fired is just a formality of business because the whole reason they were hired in the first place was because they couldn't be stopped anyway and it was a measure of control to hire them so that business could be done in the ring. If Hogan fired them, it would just put A&8 further out of his control and result in even more carnage. Hogans only option is to leave them contracted so that he can hope some of his champions can best them in the ring. Good luck, have you seen the size of Knox and DOC?

  2. ncchronicle says:

    The show DID look and go off great, HOWEVER, everything outside of Bully Ray & AJ clotheslining Storm pretty much sucked.

    There's just a HUGE difference between WWE's ability to tell stories and TNA's. TNA just feels directionless. There was no build to a main event and the show, despite being their first live road show, didn't feel SPECIAL. The Aces & Eights storyline has fresh air with Bully as the President, but the rest of the company is just flat.

    Except for Gail Kim and Velvet Sky. I could watch those two wrestle every week.

    • jbcissom says:

      Are you kidding me? Go back to watching your watered down WWE product. Last night's episode was better than anything WWE has put on in years. Minus the anniversary shows, WWE wishes they could produce a show like Impact! last night.

      The main event wasn't about the two competitors. It was about the story revolving around them. What a dope.

      • DirkB says:

        That's a bit harsh, I've been catching bits of WWE lately, I do enjoy Punk promos and am loving The Shield right now, I skip the rest.

        • Mr. Excitement says:

          I watch WWE once in a while these days. The Shield is the only thing I care about there.

        • JoeWrestling says:

          My problem with the Shield now is that it's just a gloried 3MB. I think the only reason they came up with the Shield is because ABC has a new series coming out based on Marvel characters The SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division), which I assume that's why WWE has them dressed in law-enforcement looking gear and screaming about justice. I don't know why nobody has pointed this out yet I've seen. But, currently they have no leader or point. They don't wrestle singles matches, which makes their existence pointless, and aren't trying to get the Tag titles, so they are just killing time. They wrestle these 6 man tags, but as you notice the victories are meaningless because the Cena team was defeated and Cena couldn't care less or mention it ever again. Cena just goes back to talk about his winning streak like it never happened. I saw Jon Moxley on the indies and think he's a definite talent as a singles wrestler, but I always thought Tyler Black was pretty bland in ROH and he won't really be able take advantage of his wrestling style to the fullest. Roman Reigns has a decent look but that's about it, he's pretty green. He's still going off his "When it Reigns it pours" bad FCW training. Basically the group needs a leader like CM Punk or something. Like I said, 3MB was doing the gang attacks too when they started, they need more than that. And I find it annoying the logic flaw that The Shield takes 3 minutes to get to the ring yet no one ever runs off, and even when everyone knows the Shield is coming out no one in the back in any numbers will come to assist. You know they are only 3 developmental guys, they could easily be taken out. Yet everyone in the back, including the GM's, are fine with these guys hogging or ruining the show when they technically don't even have contracts. Even dumber on NXT they attack and are now banned by Dusty Rhodes. So where do these guys work and why is WWE paying them and their travel to these shows? See why it's dumb. Yet the same people who ignore all this kept asking why A&8 wheres masks and why aren't they arrested for crimes.. when TNA went out of their way to explain everything but apparently these people refuse to listen.

  3. Goeroe1981 says:

    Loved the show! They have every reason to be proud of that. Only thing i miss is the fights without story. In the old WCW not every fight had a story, because to make stories more interesting you should also have a couple of non story related fights. But as i said earlier TNA is on it's way to become bigger. I advocated for a 3 hour show for that reason, because more time means more time to tell stories and time for non story fights. At this moment they haven't got time for that. Also i liked the mention of NWO in the promo from Bully. WWE can own the name, but the whole NWO feeling is with TNA. And AJ styles, he is legendary. He may just be the most complete wrestler in TNA today.

  4. (CHI) NWO 4-Life WCW Guy says:

    Im from chicago been watching wrestling since the day i was born, im 25 now was live last nyte in attendance for the show it was everything i wanted and more, i saw my longtime favorite sting do battle wit austin aries and a great main event match, as for you wwe marks i watch wwe im a wrestling fan, i have a life, (work, party, fuck my girl, take ckare of my son, ect ect) but i find time to watch wrestling both wwe and tna i only watch wwe raw and not always and definately not the entire show, i find myself honestly 80% of the time knowing wats goin to happen in wwe, i predicted the main 3 mania main events this year last year wen wrestlemania was over and i seen raw the next day, dont kno how or why i just knew it, anyways my point is tna is much fresher, overall better roster, better everything in my opinion, tna is far better than wwe they needed to get out the impact zone and they did im proud of tna and look forward to the future, wrestling gods bring tna bound for glory to chicago!!!! TNA TNA TNA TNA TNA TNA

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Agree with your points. I am really enjoying the AJ Styles stuff also. You forget how good Styles is until you hear the music hit. His new character is almost like Arrow (or Dark Kn-ight character if that's better known). IE, a dark character who's lost everything and now he's back to set things right in a broken system and doesn't really care about breaking the rules to get it done because the rules get in the way, he follows his own code. Who knows where they are going, but they really need Styles since Angle really can't carry the ball like he once did.

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