Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 2, 2014
Update: UK Wrestler Suffers Broken Neck, Styles Involved

Update: UK Wrestler Suffers Broken Neck, Styles Involved

UPDATE: British wrestler Lionheart broke his neck Saturday night during the main event of Preston City Wrestling’s show in the UK. Lionheart suffered the injury after incorrectly taking AJ Styles’ Styles Clash during the match. The situation was described as a “scary scene.”

Lionheart revealed on his own Twitter account that his neck was broken in two places and that there is no immediate requirement for surgery, though that may change. He thanked AJ Styles as well for “elevating me to look on your level in the biggest match of my career..You truly are phenomenal.”

The promotion has provided the following updates on Twitter:

ORIGINAL: Stephen Lyon sent in this report:

Just back from the Preston City Wrestling show here in Preston, England. They had a weekend of excellent shows featuring the likes of Styles, Chris Masters, Chris Hero, Mike Bennett & Maria, and Godfather/Papa Shango. The show tonight was hugely anticipated, a packed building sold out with 1300 fans for a Lionheart vs Styles main event.

Lionheart beat Styles in an excellent match, but afterwards, Styles gave him the Styles Clash. Lionheart tucked his chin and landed squarely on the top of his head.

It was almost exactly like the Roderick Strong incident back in January in ROH, when Strong got injured taking the same move. Really scary landing, and even worse, Lionheart wasn’t moving his arms or legs afterwards, just lying face down in the ring.

It wasn’t an angle or anything, people could see it was real straight away. Officials came out along with medics. It was the end of the show anyway, but they asked if everyone could leave the building as quickly as possible so they could attend to Lionheart in the ring.

The crowd were really respectful, Lionheart is the number one heel in the promotion, but everyone was chanting his name in support. No word on how he is as of yet, but some of his co-workers are tweeting ‘pray for Lionheart’ which doesn’t sound good at all. Just thought I’d pass this info on.

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One Response to “Update: UK Wrestler Suffers Broken Neck, Styles Involved”

  1. tnadude says:

    Glad to hear that Lionheart is going to be okay. It just goes to show that wrestling "IS" real.

    That said, I'd love to see the footage of this move. It was VERY clear Roddy turned his head when he shouldn't have. But I also found that finish to be EXTREMELY quick. I've never seen a move potentially as dangerous as that executed so hastily.

    And that leads me to ask – what happens if Roddy has a little more time? Does he remember to take the bump? And who was responsible for that lack of time? The promotion, or Styles?

    Like it or not, they're good questions. And I'd like the answers for this case too.

    Get well soon, Lionheart.

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