Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 11, 2014
Update: WWE Upset With Kurt Angle Passed Out Pics

Update: WWE Upset With Kurt Angle Passed Out Pics

UPDATE x2: As we previously reported, photos of Kurt Angle passed out on a flight to New York City were passed around the locker room and production meeting at the SmackDown tapings last week. Angle then later wrote on Twitter that he was just sleeping.

Angle said in a recent Ross Report interview that he turned down the chance to re-sign with TNA, which led many to believe he wants to go back to WWE. Reportedly the photos didn’t help Angle’s chances of getting back into the company, due to numerous “higher up” people backstage talking about his “condition”. One source who saw the photos said he was “drooling” on himself. It was not a good sight and was the talk among management and WWE producers/agents.

UPDATE: Late last week there were reports that pictures of Kurt Angle passed out on a plane were making their way around the WWE locker room and producer’s meeting at the WWE SmackDown tapings two weeks ago. Angle posted the following on Twitter, denying the reports…

ORIGINAL: According to someone who was backstage at the WWE SmackDown tapings in Newark, NJ on Tuesday night, several photos of TNA Superstar Kurt Angle passed out on a plane were making their way around the WWE locker room and producer’s meeting at the TV tapings this week. The source reports that Angle was on the plane heading to the iMPACT! tapings in New York City last week while WWE staffers happened to be on the same flight heading back from that week’s SmackDown tapings in Pittsburgh, PA. The photos were taken last Wednesday morning and were shown to the WWE staff at this week’s TV tapings. Someone from WWE wound up taking the photos and were showing them to numerous WWE employees at the SmackDown tapings.

The source seems to imply that Angle was not in good shape. They note that Angle’s condition was a topic of heavy conversation in WWE. What exactly that means is up to speculation. Basically, the person who was showing the photos indicated that Angle seemed “out of it” and slept almost the entire flight.

For what it’s worth, there are people within TNA who have been concerned about Kurt in recent months. On the other hand, people tend to sleep on plane rides all the time so take this with a grain of salt.

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5 Responses to “Update: WWE Upset With Kurt Angle Passed Out Pics”

  1. piro4351 says:

    he passed out from all the booze alright.

  2. Tiffanydude says:

    This is just dumb, who doesn't drool when they sleep?! I feel bad for him because some random douche decided to screw over Angle. This isn't right.

  3. TheFurnitureom says:

    Looks like Kurt is going to end his career in a lockeroom where he's the butt of all jokes. The Universe needs to grow up a bit.

  4. The Broodwich says:

    Sounds like WWE management endorses this type of immature behavior. This better be a wake up call to all the other wrestlers. Best not fall asleep on a plane because the WWE will have their employees on board ready to take pictures to share with the rest of creation.

  5. WWEsucksbigtime says:

    I bet if we searched around long enough that we could find picks of the big wigs of the WWE asleep on a plane and drooling all over themselves…. just sayin!

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