Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 21, 2014
VIDEO: A New Global Force Wrestling Promo

VIDEO: A New Global Force Wrestling Promo

Jeff and Karen Jarrett have released another video promoting their Global Force Wrestling (GFW) promotion. Here is their latest video with the following caption:

“This week #TheJourney takes us from Mexico City to New York City, as Jeff & Karen Jarrett allow us to peek into their lives as they build Global Force Wrestling!”

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2 Responses to “VIDEO: A New Global Force Wrestling Promo”

  1. TNArocks says:

    So……apart from spike TV head office being in New York are there any other TV stations? I'm not blonde just not from the US

  2. Jeff Elliott says:

    I’m sure when Jeff went to start a new promotion as a TNA share holder he was told to stay away from spike. Besides there are so many other networks in new York. Competition is better than trying to destroy something he helped create. Personally if I had shares in TNA and tried to build my own fed I would cross promote. Its good for both companies plus think of the talent exchange.

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