Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 22, 2014
VIDEO: A New Promo For Jeff Hardy’s Return As ‘Willow’

VIDEO: A New Promo For Jeff Hardy’s Return As ‘Willow’

TNA released the following new video promoting Jeff Hardy’s return as his old indy character – “Willow”:

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5 Responses to “VIDEO: A New Promo For Jeff Hardy’s Return As ‘Willow’”

  1. Lelouch says:

    seems really interesting. hope tna play it right

  2. Beezy_Does_It says:

    The way he looks when he is frowning looks like Jeeper's Creeper's

  3. HolsG says:

    Am i the only one who finds that fricking terrifying?!

    • THISISASHOOT247 says:

      that's what Jeff is going for. A supernatural voodoo cryptic type character.. This gimmick is old, but it sure has evolved since it's initial run

  4. Ultimate_X says:

    i dont know if its right to say he's returning a williow yet, im hoping to see something similar to when daniels was playing both suicide and himself, where both jeff and willow are active characters at the same time, whether or not jeffs body can take that extra work is another story

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