Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 8, 2013
VIDEO: A Recent Video Of Paul Bearer Surfaces

VIDEO: A Recent Video Of Paul Bearer Surfaces

A recent video of William “Paul Bearer” Moody has surfaced online. The video was shot this past weekend at the 23rd Annual Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion in Mobile, Alabama. Bearer was there to present the 2013 Legends Award. Despite the fact that he was in a wheel chair and did show signs of breathing difficulties, his sense of humor was still spot on and he showed he still knew how to work a crowd. R.I.P William …. you’ll be missed.

UPDATE: WWE released the following video paying tribute to Paul Bearer:

Blitz Pro Wrestling has posted a video of what is believed to be Paul Bearer’s last wrestling appearance at their Dead of Winter event on February 23rd. Bearer managed Buddy Roberts, Jr. against Judas Yorick in a “Badstreet Casket Match.”

R.I.P William …. you’ll be missed.

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  1. Real Deal Heel says:

    RIP Paul Bearer…he was a great man.

    After seeing his latest video at the top. Was this him? dot com/watch?v=BvTNyKIGXiI

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