Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 20, 2012
VIDEO: AJ Styles Shares His Bound For Glory Memories

VIDEO: AJ Styles Shares His Bound For Glory Memories

Here is a video of AJ Styles sharing his TNA Bound for Glory memories:

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  1. Pipboy86 says:

    My favorite AJ Styles BFG moment was 2006 when he and Daniels lost the tag titles to LAX. It was a great match, with a great feud leading up to it and on the biggest stage that TNA had at that point. It really emphasized what tag team wrestling used to be about in TNA and the hope of what TNA could become. it was also really the last time TNA did AJ right and really highlighted him as a performer and not as a gimmick guy, whether it was AJ basically losing his smile and being mad about growing up in a trailer against Rhino, AJ becoming Christian, Angle and Flair's flunky, or Stings little buddy who needed his affirmation even though he was a multi-time champion before Sting was ever even around and doing anything relevant in TNA etc etc. That's one of the last few times I remember seeing the real AJ Styles. The AJ Styles that was Mr TNA and the one I miss probably more than anyone in wrestling over the last ten years and would like to see as an AJ Styles fan at some point again before he retires shortly.

  2. mrthefanboy says:

    My favortite AJ Styles BFG moments are his tag team match with LAX at BFG 3006,his second Iron Man Match with Daniels,and his Lethal lockdown match with EV2.0 at BFG 2010.

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