Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 25, 2013
VIDEO: AJ Styles Speaks After TNA iMPACT!

VIDEO: AJ Styles Speaks After TNA iMPACT!

After Thursday’s iMPACT!, TNA released an in-character interview with A.J. Styles talking about joining Aces & Eights:

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8 Responses to “VIDEO: AJ Styles Speaks After TNA iMPACT!”

  1. Treck says:

    AJ Styles rules!

  2. DirkB says:

    One of the best Impact endings in some time.

    I know Anderson isn't exactly popular but think he's a good fit for the group and it's the most interesting he's been in a long time.

    • andy3323 says:

      Definitely agree with Anderson, this role goes with him perfectly.

      I have to admit, I thought they did the AJ segment about as good as you could do in a part of the storyline that could have fallen flat on it's face due to how predictable it could be. I was thinking he wouldn't join, until he hugged Taz, then I wasn't sure. Then I thought he wouldn't drink the beer or wear the cut, he does both. He even uses the hammer on Angle. Well done.

    • OldManEaston says:

      That is what you do with a guy who is below average in the ring, and is a one trick pony. You stick him in a solid stable of guys or a good team where he can actually serve a purpose. He's like a poor mans Michael Hayes without Terry Gordy and Buddy Jack Roberts.

      One of the biggest mistakes TNA ever made was thinking Anderson could be a legit main event babyface, and pole vaulting him over much more deserving candidates simply because he had a little bit of a name from WWE and they didnt. It was a disaster and It just wasted time and delayed the inevitable. It was not that different from guys like RVD or Booker T, who's days at the top of the card were clearly over by the time they ever got to TNA. As a JTTS heel, Anderson has some value. As a mouthpiece for a group like Aces and 8's, he has some value. As a stand alone top of the card guy, he's about as worthless as t*ts on a bore hog, especially as a babyface. You are never gonna put him with anyone and get a classic match. Nobody is in awe of his ability. He doesn't have that Fonz factor that makes people want to emulate him and he doesn't even have that underdog appeal that makes people want to see him defy the odds.

  3. TNA_fan says:

    I hope AJ styles doesn't join a group, he could just be neither a heel or face, like what Sting used to do in WCW (black & white) face paint even thought Sting was mainly a face.

  4. Swiz3rV says:

    I thought AJ styLes going into business 4 himself was an incredible moment 4 TNA. Im loving the whoLe angle good character development and good writing. Easily the most engaging persona in pro wrestling today. Very realistic I like the way he is Not influenced by any sort of peer pressure and doesnt care what anybody thinks somewhat reminiscent of stonecold. aLso it sets a good example to kids to Not join gangs.

    • TNA_fan says:

      Agreed, I just hope he doesn't end up joining the Aces & Eights during the PPV where he attacks Sting so Bully could keep his belt, and his attacked on the Aces & Eights was an act, to make the wrestlers/fans belive hes not joining any sides/groups.

      IMO Aces & Eights already have a decent amount of wrestlers, I could see them adding a knockout, and an X Division

    • soyfenomenal says:

      Shut the fuck up. "good example to kids" as he downs a bottle of beer in 10 seconds and hits people with a hammer.

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