Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 22, 2013
VIDEO: Bully Ray On How He Pulled Off Aces & 8s ‘Hoax’

VIDEO: Bully Ray On How He Pulled Off Aces & 8s ‘Hoax’

Here is a new video with Bully Ray revealing his grand scheme with the Aces and 8s “hoax” and gloating about destroying the Hogan family:

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5 Responses to “VIDEO: Bully Ray On How He Pulled Off Aces & 8s ‘Hoax’”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    I like bully more than ever… free speech still exists btw, f.ags

  2. ToledoDavid says:

    I like Bully, too, but the Aces storyline makes them seem like a bunch of whiney little girls, who weren't allowed to play like they wanted to…

  3. Philly_Cheese says:

    Bully Ray was what the group needed to stop appearing as a bunch of jobbers.

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      Winning matches might actually help that, as well. Has there actually been more than maybe 3 Aces and Eights victories since it's inception?

  4. locktite says:

    He should be apologizing for this lame story. This is set up for elementary children, if any adult is entertained by this, please get yourself checked out. You are losing brain cells by the minute. This is insulting to real clubs.

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