Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 19, 2013
VIDEO: Bully Ray Uses Anti-Gay Slur At iMPACT! Tapings

VIDEO: Bully Ray Uses Anti-Gay Slur At iMPACT! Tapings

Bully Ray repeatedly used an anti-gay slur toward a fan during the Impact Wrestling television taping in Chicago last Thursday. You can see the footage below. Both Bully and Dixie Carter have apologized for it:

Bully: Made an inappropriate comment to a fan in Chicago. If anyone was offended by this…I do apologize. No harm was meant.

Dixie: Heard (Bully Ray) made inappropriate comments to a fan in Chicago. This will not be tolerated. Sincere apologies on behalf of TNA.

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41 Responses to “VIDEO: Bully Ray Uses Anti-Gay Slur At iMPACT! Tapings”

  1. TNArocks says:

    Bad form bully!!

  2. Darkelzallon says:

    I do remember Bully used to say "I'll become the World Champion and then I'll piss the wrestling world off"

    • andy3323 says:

      Next we'll be reading about insult comics having to apologize over things they say because they hurt someones feelings….

  3. Stunner says:

    I’m soo sick of this crap! I don’t like or tolarate gay people, and I have to apologize about it. The last time I checked this is America and people do have a right to your own opinion. So do gay people hate me, if they do I don’t care. So what ? Lets face the facts we as humans will never all sit at a campfire and sing songs of peace and harmony and all that crap. There was conflict in the beginning of this world and there will be conflict until we all leave ths world period. Yes I’m gun blasting, Beer drinking, BADD @ss, Cursing, PTSD Having, Son of a gun! Semper Fi (Ret)

  4. The Truth says:

    So what the guy was a fag! What’s this world coming to? What is the big deal? Fag is the new F-word?

    Come on people and stop catering this type of screwed up people.

  5. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    he says " faggot"
    There, saved you 7 minutes of your life

  6. kaecyus says:

    Sounds like he's trying to tap into the crowd like he used to at ECW. Can't do that now, Bully. : P

  7. KGill28 says:

    Looks like the political correctness police are out again, smh America.

  8. powerbomb says:

    i think he should be allowed to say whatever he wants

  9. hangers says:

    And TNA want to rival WWE? Sorry, but things are way too unprofessional at the moment..

    • DirkB says:

      Yeah, let's get Bully punching people in the crowd, have a #1 contender get busted for a dui and possession, mock dead people, make fun of nearly fatal health problems and the rest.
      Hell, just slim down that list to CM Punk.

      How come you gave WWE a free pass with all that?

      • pepsilover2008 says:

        Lets not forget picking on women's weight, fart jokes, stupid dance crap on raw, giving birth to hands, the list goes on and on

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i dont see what they've done is so bad. shit happens with the talent trying to beef up their characters (esp the heels) for the biggest reaction from the fans.

      wasnt too long ago cm punk had the spotlight on him for making an inappropriate comment to a fan.

      all that can/has to be done is apologies from the company/wrestler. but at the same time in the moment talent will get a bit too hyped up especially in an interaction with a fan who is likely making similar comments.

      not the first time its happened, wont be the last either.

    • soyfenomenal says:

      You are beyond idiotic.

      • hangers says:

        Go fcuk yourself soy, now as my original statement, I'm making the point that TNA needs to be more professional to rival WWE. I am not picking apart WWE programming nor am I saying that WWE is the most professional organisation that keeps its nose clean. I am saying that I dont think TNA are as professional as they could be with this as one example of a fair few in recent times…

  10. HolsG says:

    I get it's offensive BUT
    Ray is a heel and one of the greatest – he wants to piss people off to help him gimmick, with him apologizing shows he didn't mean harm
    AJ called a UK fan a f a g got in Coventry in 2010 when he was a heel, that was/is on youtube and he never had to apologize (he was also champ at the time)

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      nowadays theres a fine line between what talent can say/do before they get negative media.

      2010 isnt that long ago but that was a house show and not on tv. so not widely reported about.

  11. CaptainN says:

    People complain about the dumbest things……act like an adult…its just a word……people are too sensitive these days. Its a very coomon slanf word in NY…always has been….its not any different then calling someone a Bi+ch… or a Jerk*ff. Its street slang, and if people are so damn sensitive about stuff like this, they really need to re evaluate themselves if they take offense to a word !

  12. DirkB says:

    So a gay slur and an anti-gay slur are the same thing?
    I'm tired of this crap, if the person was gay and Bully knew that then fair enough, it's a slur.
    People love to force their own meanings into words others use. Most of these "gay slurs" are intended to offend the individual but aren't really homophobic. I can't be bothered typing out why that's the case but there's a great South Park episode (The F Word) which does the job well.

  13. soyfenomenal says:

    It's a sad day when you can't call someone a faggot without being reprimanded.

  14. Doz24 says:

    If you want to be politically correct then wrestling is not for you. People need to stop being "butt hurt" (pun intended) over things like that. It's a show, he's a heel, maybe in today's society not the best choice of words but people have become too soft and emotional and tend to overreact. Wrestling is fake, watch a movie there's much worse there. This is live storylined based entertainment in a ring and is a lot less controversial than some movies, it just gets a different reaction and scrutinized because it was a live audience. I could see If Bully slipped up on Live TV with professional cameras, but you had a fan step up and Bully remained playing a heel (plus the fact there's a thin line of looking out for yourself from crazy fans) so he made his presence known and was recorded by a fan, again not the best choice of words but media hypes things for the overreactions!

  15. jbcissom says:

    When I saw that person on the tv… my first thought was… what in the blue hell was that? Has anyone confirmed yet or not?

  16. doublea1971 says:

    I think everyone here is missing the point…I wouldn't be surprised to see this be a work too, with all that TNA has been doing recently.
    A few things of note:
    1.) If you look at the video above on YouTube, instead of on this site, the person who posted it has not posted ANYTHING except that video in the last 2 years. Why the sudden interest in putting something on YouTube, especially given where they were in the crowd (i.e. – next to the person being "picked on" by Bully Ray).
    2.) Was it just me, or did anyone else notice that the guy being called out by Bully Ray got a LOT of camera time, standing near ringside during the episode of Impact? In other words, this posted video wasn't his first appearance.
    3.) The dude is just HUGE. Look at him compared to others in the crowd (and even Bully Ray). I'm not buying that he's just a "casual" wrestling fan, who happens to be 6'9" or 7', or whatever he is. I say, look for him to show up somewhere like OVW in the next few weeks, and then make a sudden TNA appearance soon thereafter. (First Danny Davis shows up unexpectedly on TNA's Gut Check, and potentially this… TNA is getting a little TOOO predictable with their whole "social media/reality TV" thing as of late. I mean, come on… Bully Ray married to Brooke Hogan? A simply look at Wikipedia tells anyone with a brain that it wasn't real and was a work).
    You can do MUCH better than this TNA. MUCH better.

  17. POWERBOMB says:

    Bully Ray is a heel not a face, so who cares if he offends anybody that’s his job, he is supposed to make people hate him.

  18. dreamerfcf says:

    I think I'm going on record defending Bully here. Look at that guy he was talking to…Bully was right. He also made fun of him for shaving his chest. Bully stated his point as punking this guy in his own town. So Bully made fun of a gay, big deal. Can anyone say Fandango? Didn't Chris Jericho make fun of a gay on Raw? He just didn't say queer or ***…grow up!

  19. tnadude says:

    Intent is what matters to me. Bully didn't INTEND to hurt anyone. He didn't hit the guy, he was just trying to anger him (it's what good heels do). Poor choice of words? Yep. Would I have said it? No. But was it detrimental to society? I think not.

    F@gg0tt is most often used as a generic, derogatory term to irritate heterosexual people. I strongly suspect if he were talking to a known h0m0sexual he would have choose different words. At least, I'd certainly like to believe that anyway.

    So let's not make a mountain out of a mole hill. He apologized and that should be enough. I do think Dixie's comments were a bit over the top though. She rightfully made him apologize, and then should have left well-enough alone.

    • dcxboxx says:

      he should not have to as a heel its his job to piss people off even if it offends them. tna can never be anti pg with that pc attitude. they want to be edgy but they are not if they are so afraid of offending someone.

  20. OldManEaston says:

    Jim Cornette was right about Dixie, she is a dumb twat. She is the very epitome of the irrational sob sister. Not only that, she's a hypocrite. You know, growing up in Southern California, where nearly everyday of my life I was treated to the racial slur of gringo, I could have been offended when TNA trotted it out with abandon with LAX. I could have been offended, but I am not a complete PUSSY and I also understand it is WRESTLING! and LAX, just like Bully Ray were HEELS! It wouldn't have mattered whether I was offended or not honestly, because in the religion of PC, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

    Congratulations TNA, I AM FINALLY offended. Not because your talent called me a gringo, or because someone was called a f*ggot or whatever I am offended by your double standards. I am also offended because you think we are all stupid, can't see the double standards. Even if I were gay I would be offended, because you would be treating me like some irrational person, who's only identity is victim-hood, and who can't even distinguish a character from reality. I'm so emotionally fragile that everyone has to watch their speech so as not to offend me. Hey Dixie, why don't you just call me a 3 year old and give me a sippy cup and done with it, MOM?

  21. annil8or4321 says:

    everyone is way too sensative now he was just trying to get a rise out of that guy(no pun intended)

  22. Treck says:

    I am a straight man who supports gay marriage as two people no matter the sex have the right to love eachother but this is bs. Its wrestling. Bully Ray is a damn heel. People are so damn sensitive. By the way its not like he did the hitler hail like JBL did years back in Germany and got nothing. Again its always ok if the wwe

  23. Treck says:

    Does anything. Hypocrites!

  24. dcxboxx says:

    why makean appology to the Fa@@ot? i mean so what if he called him that. what the big fn deal, why do we have to be all pc and shit these days. hes a f n in heel.

  25. Kingyakoopa says:

    I was sitting three seats next to that guy. He was very tall and seem to challenge aces and eights guys as they walked pass. I thought maybe he was part of the show. But he didn't, look like no wrestler. His hair was whack. He lucky aces and eights didn't beat his ass. But Knox just laughed at him. I'm shocked that those were the first words out of Bully Ray's mouth. I honestly, don't like it when they call a female wrestler a bitch on television. It's just as disrespectful as calling that guy a faggot. It's not a big issue, because most faggots call each other faggots. So I guess Bully Ray is a faggot too. I'm a member of Aces and Eights. But I don't agree with Bully as the President. I work for Eric Bischoff. Bully Ray will eventually be casted out. He's no leader.

  26. andy3323 says:

    This country/world has become the biggest collection of overly emotional pansies who are always looking to be the victim. I'm not just talking about here with this particular scenario but in general. Whoever came up with this whole 'politically correct' way to talk should be strung up………

    First of all, as mentioned above, he is a heel, he is supposed to get heat! I'm waiting to read a headline about an insult comic getting sued for hurting someones feelings. Heck, I'm a Christian and people put us down all day long, just turn on any modern day tv show just about, but I don't see people getting worked up over our behalf, and I am not going to start a federal case over it, either. Grow a backbone, get some confidence, and don't hang on every word every says.

  27. TNA_fan says:

    That would been funny there were a few "real" motorcycle club/gang like the hells angels in the stand and Bully ray called them a fag…

  28. sastley78 says:

    I'm sure this guy was a transexual, I noticed 'it' in the crowd when Devon made his ring walk earlier in the show

  29. incognitowolfe says:

    what did knox say at 7:00

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