Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 11, 2012
VIDEO: Christian York Discusses Desire To Be TNA Champion

VIDEO: Christian York Discusses Desire To Be TNA Champion

TNA Wrestling star Christian York appeared on 4th & Pain as talks about coming up through the independents as primarily a tag team wrestler with Joey Matthews, who later became Joey Mercury in WWE. York remembers the time when he realized he wouldn’t make it to the big time as a tag team.

He was asked him about winning TNA Gut Check and whether that segment is a work. As it turns out, it is absolutely 100 percent legitimate.

Regarding his goals in TNA, he confidently states, “I want to be world champion.”

In addition, 35-year-old revealed how much longer he planned to wrestle and what it means to get his big break so late in his career.

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  1. DickTheBruiser says:

    Always liked York. It seems like TNA should be promoting the fact that he was trained by the Hardy's. I don't get it.

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