Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 27, 2013
VIDEO: Former ECW Champion Announces Comeback

VIDEO: Former ECW Champion Announces Comeback

Former ECW champion Justin Credible (real name Peter Polaco) released a video on YouTube in which he announced that he is making a “full fledged comeback.”

Credible stated, “It’s about the desire. The reason I got into this business, the need for entertaining fans. I really believe at 39, I could get a full time gig with one of the wrestling companies. What I mean by that is, do I think I could be on Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis? No, I’m not kidding myself or anyone else. I just feel that with 20-plus years in the business, I could be of service to help younger talent.”

He also noted in the video that he’s approaching six months sober after he entered a WWE sponsored rehab. Below is the full video of his announcement:

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