Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 20, 2012
VIDEO: Highlights From Kurt Angle’s Wedding

VIDEO: Highlights From Kurt Angle’s Wedding

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Highlights From Kurt Angle’s Wedding”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    Let's hope he doesnt send her an angry, irrational tweet and drive her away

    "That meatloaf was bulls**t.. get your head out of your a** !!!!"

  2. soulbadguy says:

    Video so funny with kurt's photo at the top.

  3. Real Deal Heel says:

    LULZ…Really…really? I thought this was a spoof youtube video it was sooooo cheezy. Wow. Best of luck for a year Kurt.

    Why do celebs get married??? Me thinks Kurt has a Twitter account and a case of Shlitz to tend to. Just sayin'….

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