Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 26, 2013
VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Misses Being In The Ring

VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Misses Being In The Ring

Hulk Hogan appeared on the Kerrang! Magazine podcast this week to do publicity for TNA’s tour in the UK. Hogan said a part of him would rather focus on wrestling rather than doing media interviews. “I love being here (doing publicity), but I miss getting in the ring. I miss being part of the action. I miss that…desperately,” Hogan said.

Hogan also said he would have quit wrestling to be the bass layer for Metallica. He talked again about a story of him submitting audition tapes to Metallica but they never responded to him.

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Misses Being In The Ring”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    Most men his age miss getting a non-drug induced erection. He should be thankful

  2. TnaCanada1 says:

    lo he said tna has been around for 9 years everyone of their t shirts say TNA TEN dumbass

  3. annil8or4321 says:

    is he wearing a wedding ring or have i smoked WAY too much today?

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