Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 23, 2012
VIDEO: Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper At Northeast Wrestling

VIDEO: Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper At Northeast Wrestling

Here is Hulk Hogan’s promo from last night’s NEW show, up until he gets interrupted by Roddy Piper:

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6 Responses to “VIDEO: Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper At Northeast Wrestling”

  1. TnaCanada1 says:

    as much as i hate seeing Hogan at an indy event this hogan is the hogan i love. hearing the music hit and hearing hogan talk about andre the giant just makes me happy this is the hogan we love. the sad part is this is the hogan that we never see

  2. IW4EVA says:

    Hogan vs Piper is legendary …. to quote piper "back in the 80s if the fans had not hated piper so much , they would not have loved hogan so much" !

  3. birdmantd says:

    I was there. It was great nostalgia but they reallly dragged out the whole confrontation. I do believe Hogan when he says he appreciates the love he gets from the fans. But he sure makes his fans pay a hefty price to show that love.

  4. tnadude says:

    Hogan, Piper, Duggan, & the whole crew did something that can no longer be replicated. They filled the house with a clean, family show for a decade.

    Wish I had been there for the show the other night. Sounds like it was a great nostalgic moment for all wrestling fans.

  5. TheBossOfPW says:

    I was hoping that Hogan would somehow walk away with the title. The Northeast Wrestling title belt is a good looking belt and not one of those cheep replicas that so many indy shows use. It would have been worthy of Hogan. I was hoping that they would do the who WrestleMania IX thing where the heel would cheat to win the title, Hogan comes down to protest and be challenged by the new cnampion. Hogan looks to the crowd for aproval then slides into the ring and wins the belt in a few seconds. Then he would grab the mic and dedicate the win to Jerry Lawler (who was supposed to be there but had to pull out because of the heart attack) before doing a final pose down with the belt around his waist for a huge climax. Now THAT would have been something to see.

  6. Photography says:

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