Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 12, 2013
VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Talks MEM & Aces & 8s, & More

VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Talks MEM & Aces & 8s, & More

Here is the latest edition of “Inside iMPACT!”:

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11 Responses to “VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Talks MEM & Aces & 8s, & More”

  1. mb113 says:

    This crap needs to end. Sting, Bully, Devon, Knox, Hogan and his daughter, and brisco need to be canned within the coming months. Need to push the others from here on out.

    • jbcissom says:

      Do you or have you ever dreamed of owning your own business, because your statement shows you are completely ignorant on how to run a business!

      • tnadude says:

        Oh, I don't know…

        I think they should also fire AJ, Angle, Magnus, Joe, Hardy, Aries, Storm, Roode, and the entire Carter family while they're at it.

        They can all be replaced with Crimson, Taeler Hendrix and Jesse Neal, and of course, Vince Russo. Maybe they can bring back Matt Morgan to feud with the new champion – Jay "Ugly" Bradley.

        In fact, Russo's the perfect pick for the job since he essentially did just that when he was in WCW.

        Who needs talent anyway – right?

        • jbcissom says:

          I like the nickname for Bradley. It made me laugh.

          I can agree with Hulk and Brooke needing to leave, but Sting, Bully, Devon, and Knox don't need to be let go. TNA needs a person like VKM to sit in the creative meetings and go… NO! It's that simple.

          I don't blame any of the wrestlers unless they are showing a lack of effort (i.e. RVD). They're trying their best to put on a show decided on by creative. Now, there are guys that need a lot of work on the mic (i.e. Saban), but I liked his promo last night a lot better than the previous week.

      • mb113 says:

        I do run one.

        • mb113 says:

          The perception that TNA is giving off right now isn't a very good one. Sure the Hogan nostalgia was good for a little while, but he isn't respectable when it comes to an authority figure. Brook is just a waste of time and money. Who takes a washed up crippled wrestler who says Brother every other word seriously.

          Perception is reality. Bruce Prichard right now is the only one that has the look (suite), experience, and the mic skills to pull off an authority figure character on the level of McMahon.

          Vince McMahon in reality and on tv is a Narcissist. He creats a preception that he is the worst boss ever but yet everyone wants to work for him thus enabling his power… and the fans are enablers too.

          The Dixie character comes off weak on screen and nobody wants that. She goes out of her way to make people happy and to stay. There is no perception of people wanting to be there no matter what. Thus it weakens the product. Dixie needs to take a screw you type attitude on screen and off because in reality everyone can be replace.

          • Steelematic says:

            Thats bullcrap. Nobody wants to work for McMahon…. they all want his money. Plain n simple. If tna had that money nobody would leave. Without hogan, this company would still b on the air, but for how. Spike executives don’t care wat morons say on a blog, they care about the millions of ppl that stil respect n follow hogan. Groow up, the bigger picture is hogan=ratings. The smll minded picture is you guys…. all 12 of u on a blog bitchn, about 1 of the top 3 professional wrestling entertainers in history

  2. TNA_Warrior_UK says:

    Slightly irrelevant…. MEM new theme or old? I see they reverted back to the old one, but I quite liked the new one, seemed more of a face theme. Any thoughts?

  3. Buseye says:

    For some reason,I get the feeling that Rampage Jackson is going to screw MEM and join Aces & Eights,though I could be wrong.

  4. TNA_fan says:

    I'm surprised Hulk didn't say "Brother"

  5. brahbrah69 says:

    people bashing rampage for being in the MeM is a joke .. Rampage jackson has headlined ppv events that get 1 mil buys…somoa joke cant event put 5 asses in the seats at a house show.

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