Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 24, 2013
VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Willing To Fight Fallon Fox

VIDEO: Hulk Hogan Willing To Fight Fallon Fox

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While the UFC is not too keen on letting Fallon Fox duke it out in the Octagon anytime soon, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan says the MMA transgender fighter is welcome in HIS ring any day … even if the idea confuses him a little.

Hulk was at LAX Saturday when our photog asked the wrestling god all about the Fox controversy: she wants to fight chicks in the UFC, but a TON of MMA peeps (including her opponents, Dana White and Joe Rogan) say it’s not fair … since she was born a man.

But Hulk is an equal opportunity destroyer and told our cameraman not only will he take on Fox, he’ll “crush him.” Then he gets confused and says “her” … then “him” again. You should just watch it.

Props to Hulk anyways … even though this in no way solves the problem at hand.

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