Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 10, 2014
VIDEO: Jeff Jarrett To Make Major Announcement On 4/7

VIDEO: Jeff Jarrett To Make Major Announcement On 4/7

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7 Responses to “VIDEO: Jeff Jarrett To Make Major Announcement On 4/7”

  1. ian says:

    And this is TNA news why?

    • jaxhollywood says:

      Are you new to this site? Anyone that has ever come through TNA (including the founder) and makes any kind of news gets posted on here, regardless of whether or not they are still IN TNA.

  2. mutaisback says:

    Hopefully they show the announcement on TNA because there wouldn't be any other way for me to see it on TV without telling me the station first! I really am looking forward to hearing this announcement.

  3. tna4life says:

    I want to see what all this is about, if it’s a new promotion as rumored, I think that it will be a good thing. The network coverage that’s the biggest question in my mind.

  4. godoftna says:

    Soooooooo looking forward to this. Hopefully it won't be a let down. Like that he says they are looking all over the world. Even though TNA has their new deal with Muta's Wrestle-1 and they have Sanada as the X division champion, I think they've really wasted the oppurtunity to use international talents, especiall from Japan and Mexico's luchadors.

  5. PaulMax2012 says:

    If this is a Jeff Jarrett Promotion and not part of TNA then I wish him the best. He has the experience to be successful since he did run TNA in it's early years so he knows what mistakes he made. I'm curious to know what current and former TNA talent he will have on the roster. I say current TNA talent cause contracts may expire and they may decide to join Jeff's promotion.

  6. tnadude says:

    I still call this a work. And BTW – the announcement comes 3 days before the next (and last before Sacrifice) Live Impact taping…

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