Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 4, 2012
VIDEO: Jeff & Karen Jarrett ‘Invading’ AAA

VIDEO: Jeff & Karen Jarrett ‘Invading’ AAA

AAA released a video promo from Jeff and Karen Jarrett hyping an appearance in San Luis Potosi on October 7th. The couple are playing heel representatives of TNA “invading” AAA…

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5 Responses to “VIDEO: Jeff & Karen Jarrett ‘Invading’ AAA”

  1. tnadude says:

    I miss Dos JJs!

  2. toddmikki says:

    Heel Representatives of TNA? invading AAA, could this possibly be an Aces and 8s hint?

  3. mrthefanboy says:

    Awesome Double J promo,I;ll be sure to watch AAA and the upcomming event mentioned.I hope he returns to TNA.

  4. TheRowdy1 says:

    Jarret needs to come back to TNA TV. He is too funny as a speaker and Impact could use that. The clip is great.
    Karen: I'm not a brew-haha – I'm not a witch.
    Jarret: D*mn right you're not.

    • Raincold57 says:

      problem is with them on they take time away from guys like samoa joe, aj style, kaz, daniels it will be just long boring promos with hik karen sting and hogan which fans will not like .. ppl dont like jarret cause he will never put ppl over him bringing him back would be awful for the talent hell rvd wont even lose to magnus nope a 40 something past his prime rvd beats a 25 year old magnus? yeah very believeable lol

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