Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 19, 2013
VIDEO: Kurt Angle On TNA Competing With WWE

VIDEO: Kurt Angle On TNA Competing With WWE

Kurt Angle recently spoke about TNA competing with WWE. Here are the highlights…

“It’s now time for us to take the next step and go city to city, around the country, and hopefully around the world in the future. But, it’s baby steps and this is the next step we had to take. In order for the company to grow and be a highly successful company and to compare to WWE, we have to go on the road.”

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17 Responses to “VIDEO: Kurt Angle On TNA Competing With WWE”

  1. Sturk says:

    TNA isn't even trying to compare to WWE lol……. They're trying to make moves that make smart business without over doing it to where it runs the company out of business lol. Kurt wants to compete with them where as Dixie is simply trying to make smart business moves

    • Dante_Cross says:

      Make smart business moves so that they can be able to compete with WWE. Don't fool yourself into thinking TNA isn't out to beat out WWE, a good business move would be to take every step to become #1.

      • Sturk says:

        not at all bro. They have sooooo many other things they have to accomplish before they get to WWE level. Long term goal to beat wwe? Sure…. Immediate? Nope. All business have 5-10 year business plans that they want to follow. Smart business move is attendance, ppv, liscencing and branding, more shows etc etc…. those are immediate things you work on not "beat WWE." That's a company that has been around 10 years now which means they're not fools. Businesses make plans that are realistic and they follow that. You can't just say "beat WWE" lol…….. that would be like me starting a Burger joint and in my first five years my goal says "Beat mcdonalds" it don't work like that lol

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      Considering your statement, it's hard to believe TNA would air this on one of their own shows, Don't ya think?

      • Sturk says:

        BRO if you notice my original statement I never even responded to the video I responded to the headline the ppl of this site placed on the video. TNA would let this interview air on their shows because this interview isn't even about competing with WWE. Kurt never says anything about competing with them. The interview is about TNA going on the road making it to the next step. Then he uses the word COMPARE with WWE. Again that's BUSINESS! IF you're the second game in town and not even close to being FIRST you still want to COMPARE to the FIRST PLACE hints to why store products or generic brands always say "compare to the (brand). lol watch the video again, its not talking about WWE in the first place silly lol. The headline is out of context.

        • tnadude says:

          @Sturk – you have great points, and you're right.

          But it would be bad publicity for them to accept second place and say "we're just getting started". So recognize that their outward message is and always will be to be #1. Dixie said it in an interview with Bleacher Report just yesterday.

          Still though – you are correct, and from a business plan perspective, they are doing exactly what you suggest.

        • Leg Drop Jobber says:

          By saying "compare with WWE," that's basically stating that is their competition and that their goal is to "be as big as WWE." I don't recall ECW ever stating anything like that. It shows that TNA is not at all trying to be an "alternative" to WWE, like they once were.

  2. TheSmoakMachine says:

    Gosh Kurt looks exhausted in that video.

  3. Treck says:

    Right now TNA is much better than WWE. The wwe fanboys will say look at the ratings etc. But really I have watched wrestling for 30 years. I will admit when a company is better. But wwe is not as good as TNA.

    • Sturk says:

      I've been watching WWE, WCW since 80's, ECW since 90's and I been watching TNA since their very first show. Now there is only WWE and TNA. I can honestly say that TNA Impact Wrestling is a better show than Raw and Smackdown. WWE fans can talk ratings all they want that doesn't matter. That's like saying A big Hollywood blockbuster with stars in it is a better movie than a well written and directed indie film just cuz the Hollywood film made more $$. Their logic is all flawed. But TNA is way better than WWE as far as their wrestling shows are concerned. TNA just gotta continue their expansion. Hopefully TNA comes up to WWE's level ratings wise cuz if WWE falls to TNA levels ratings wise the wrestling biz is over.

    • Pippin0490 says:

      I'm sure that's down to perspective. How does one judge who is "better"? Some TNA fans may argue that the in ring action & storylines in TNA are better. Whereas WWE fans may argue ratings & buyrates. My point is that there is no way for anyone to judge which is truly better. Each company (and its fans) has claims to this.

      • tnadude says:

        You judge it by results. I like TNA much more. Actually, I refuse to watch WWE because I hate VKM.

        But, until TNA can draw higher ratings, more PPV buys and higher attendance, WWE is better.

        Yes. I said it. And I really do hate VKM. But it's also true.

        One step at a time. Gotta walk before you can run…

  4. destroyer_v39 says:

    How can you compete against a juggernaut company known as the WWE? By writing a better storylines than WWE. I like and watch both companies. I like the whole concept of the WWE putting Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins as a trio because they're fresh never seen wrestlers who has a future with the company. The Rock coming back to show that he's still in his prime. In the other hand we got TNA's Aces&Eights Wes Brisco, Garrett Bishoff, THEN we got D'Lo Brown, Luke Gallows (D.O.C), Mike Knox, Mr. Anderson, Devon, Bully Ray, It's like WTF they put this guys here especially D'Lo Brown. The only thing I like is the A.J. Style storyline. BUT IF HULK HOGAN GOES FOR THE TNA CHAMPIONSHIP AND WINS IT. ALL I CAN SAY SUCKS AND WILL NEVER BE IN WWE'S LEVEL. I'm been a wrestling fan. I've watched WWE, TNA, ROH, OVW, ECW, WCW through it's rise and fall, XPW when it went bankrupt, Championship Wrestling Hollywood, Hell I even watch CMLL and AAA even though I don't understand spanish.

    • Sturk says:

      Kurt never even talks about competing with them bro lol. The headline the ppl of this site placed on the video says that. He used the CORRECT word which is COMPARE. All brands that aren't #1 always want to COMPARE to the brand that is #1 which is why generic store brands always say "compare to (Brand)" This video in general isn't even about WWE, its about TNA going on the road lol.

    • Pippin0490 says:

      Regarding your comments about the Aces & Eights, especially D'Lo. Are you incapable of seeing anything with any depth? It's not a case of putting people into the group because of their name, it all has reason. None more so than D'Lo. Since the beginning those aposing the Aces & Eights have said that there is clearly somebody on the inside letting them in. Then we have the time Al Snow was attacked so D'Lo had to judge Gut Check and he gave Wes the contract…Are you beginning to see the big picture?

      Also, you praise WWE for bringing back The Rock and making he champion as you think "he's still in his prime", yet you critise TNA for putting D'Lo Brown, D.O.C, Knox, Mr. Anderson, Devon & Bully Ray in the Aces & Eights? Really!? Is Anderson not in his prime? What's wrong with D.O.C & Knox? At least give them a chance. And what's wrong with Devon & Bully? They've completely re-invented themselves, gotten into great shape and worked really hard, Bully more so than Devon. Bully has been widely praised for his great work & improvement. They're both performing better than they ever have, now there is someone who is really in their prime! Yet again it appears you're seeing stuff without depth. You get this a lot with WWE fans that will blindy mock TNA (not saying you are) they will just look at the roster and poke fun, such as with Matt Morgan. Just because WWE used him terribly doesn't mean he's crap! TNA has completely reinvented him. You see them mock D'Lo (like you have) as if TNA plucked him out of knowhere because he was somewhat of a name in the 90s. They fail to realise he has been working for management for years and his role is that of a backstage mole. It makes perfect sense. What's really funny is that they blindly mock the D'Lo thing when The Rock is champion in WWE when he's not been relevent for what 10-11 years either.

      No doubt if WWE brought in some old wrestler who worked backstage as a mole you'd praise that for being a good storyline and showing that this person is still in his prime. I mean D'Lo hasn't even wrestled yet (if he ever will) and he may well still have it for all we know!

      • destroyer_v39 says:

        WWE Fan? Im a wrestling fan. I watched both company's and other wrestling shows beside TNA & WWE. They're storyline we wrestling fans don't like from the WWE and they're are storylines we don't like in TNA. Right now i'm not liking WWE's Team Hell No, 3MB, and Natalya managing The Great Khali. I'm writing this on a Thursday and I'm watching Impact and the story is getting interesting with the Aces and Eights on how it was being formed, but I didn't like how they're was no surprises in it that's why I mention there names. It was predictable to tell that Bully Ray was going to join A&E by watching Impact leading to Lockdown. I never mocked D'Lo, Hopefully TNA drop Andersons WWE gimmick cause It's been annoying ever since he debuted, Been a fan of Bully Ray&Devon ever since ECW through WWE, like the way they reinvented themselves just don't like how they got back together through A&E. Was hoping for Snitsky or Michael Tarver on this stable because Snitsky fits in with D.O.C&Knox and Michael Tarver has that bandana he wears to cover his mouth. I agree with you on Matt Morgan since he's my favorite in the TNA roster and how WWE gave him a a stupid stutt. stutt.. stuttering gimmick. As I said on the other comment the only major problem I got IF TNA GIVES HULK HOGAN A TITLE SHOT AND WINS TNA CHAMPIONSHIP.

        I'll praise if WWE brought back Batista if you call that old. Other than that Ric Flair and New Age Outlaws were no biggie to me.

  5. destroyer_v39 says:

    I know Kurt never said that anything about competing. LOL. Anyways It would be awesome if TNA makes it to the big venues. Always wanted to watch a TNA wrestling event..

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