Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 26, 2013
VIDEO: Manik (Without His Mask) Speaks Out

VIDEO: Manik (Without His Mask) Speaks Out

The following is a new video interview with TNA iMPACT! Wrestling star Manik backstage without his mask on talking about his life before he joined the company.

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13 Responses to “VIDEO: Manik (Without His Mask) Speaks Out”

  1. GuitarGuruXXX says:

    I hate his new name. Its been Suicide forever!

    • JoeWrestling says:

      They ruined it because of all the "internet journalists" whining on a daily basis that suicide was stupid. Same guys who complain that TJ Perkins doing promos without the mask is stupid and he has no reason to wear the suit now. This is the same as every comic book character (Batman, Arrow, etc) where the audience gets to see the actual persons identity but they still are in disguise when doing their business in the public. He wears the mask to strike fear and confusion in his opponents. I know this is a tough concept, but what masked TV character goes around and never reveals his face to the audience of the show? These "journalists" need to stop the nonsense and use some sense instead of just saying the first negative thing against TNA that pops in their head. They think they are clever, but it's just elitist nonsense they think they are too good for the product.

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Why on earth did they change the name ?
    The only good explanation I can think of would be if Suicide returned to feud with him, over who the real suicide was.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Probably because of political correctness. You get some advocacy groups who shit a fit over stuff like even with word "suicide". There's some people who believe even saying the word suicide causes people to think about killing themselves, pretty sad that these people don't even know basic psychology.

  3. Tiffanydude says:

    WHAT! TJ WAS SUICIDE THIS WHOLE TIME! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING lol jk, but seriously Does Manik mean anything? Is it some sort of Acronym or something? When Hulk announced Manik's name I thought He said "Maniac" which made more sense since it's the Hukster and he's the GM.

    • mb113 says:

      Manic (Manik) it can be a stage of Bipolar disorder. Manic mode or Depressive mode.

      1. frenzied, intense, hectic, hyper (informal), frenetic, feverish He was possessed by an almost manic energy.
      2. mad, crazy (informal), insane, crazed, wild, lunatic, demented, deranged, demonic, maniacal His face was frozen in a manic smile.

      • Tiffanydude says:

        Ohhhhhhhh I'm so stupid,I've heard of Manic Depression ans similar disorders but TNA spelled it with a K so nothing popped up for me, Thanks 🙂

  4. whatsup121 says:

    If Manik wants to be a new character then

    He needs to get a new costume cause to

    Me he’s always going to be SUSICIDE

  5. whatsup121 says:

    It’s retarded that he does things without

    The mask on. The purpose of a masked

    Wrestler is to wonder who is under the

    Mask that’s the mystery behind it

  6. Stunner says:

    When I was a kid I dreamed of becoming a pro wrestler, however to hear of some of the stories of dedication to their craft. I’m glad I chose the United States Marine Corps instead. My hats off to all the wrestlers, from the indies all the way to the big time TNA & the other company. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from pursuit of your goals. Semper Fi

  7. TheMiwyun says:

    if i was in wwe i'd be like ''here jericho, you better put me over or i'll fucking kick your lips off''

    but yeah manic sucks. suicide all day. i wonder what tna are planning next… shudder at the thought. hope they sign goldberg though. the clock is ticking.

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